Q&A or Topic Suggestions :)

Hello loves! I’m suffering from a bit of writers block, and I am trying to brainstorm some topics to write about. After about 20 minutes of thinking and googling, I finally came up with about 2 topics to put down on my list…lol! I’m trying not to sweat it or worry too much, this happens to all of us! So I thought I would try something a little different and see how it goes!

I am opening my next blog post up to you guys. If you have ANY suggestions for what you would like to see me write about, please please leave a comment here, or on any of my social medias which you can find on the connect with me page. But what I really want to try to do is a Q&A. So if you have any questions about anything…my chronic illnesses, eating disorder recovery, how I deal with anxiety/depression/other issues, what other illnesses I have, what I do in my spare time – whatever! – I want to answer any questions that you may have or be wondering about that pop up!

If you read my last post, you will probably understand why this post in particular is causing some of those anxious thoughts to surface: “what if no one responds? what if no one cares? what kind of questions could anyone possibly have for you??” You know, those kinds of self-demoralizing thoughts that like to convince you that you are not worthy or important. Well, I am telling those to shut it because worst case is…I get no questions or suggestions – I MOVE on and continue to think up some good posts for you guys that you will hopefully like. New events happen every day and I am sure in time I will have some ideas that magically appear in my head – they always do. But I wanted to try this out in the mean time to avoid a lull in the blogging.

So, blogging friends/followers:

What questions do you have for me?


What would you like me to write about?

If you don’t know much about me, or anything at all, feel free to take a look at the About page on here, too. In my next blog post (I hope) to answer any questions you may have or write about something you want to read. If not – this post will most likely be deleted and I’ll brainstorm some stuff up for you guys!

Have a wonderful day loves!

Much love,



One thought on “Q&A or Topic Suggestions :)

  1. Situations that are commonplace for many, those of us with anxiety find daunting. Sitting in the background reading about how you handle situations in your life makes me feel safe. Blogging makes you COURAGEOUS! I don’t need to be courageous, but I need to feel safe. And when I do, I feel like I can handle more of the situations I am in. I’m not going to ask a question. I would feel vulnerable. But as long as you are courageous enough to open up about your life, I will have the courage to live mine.

    Thank you.

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