Thinking Out Loud: Random

Hello! How is everybody?

I have been hanging in there. I’ve got a summer cold, right in time for the start of my last course as an undergraduate student – yay! Since today I didn’t really have anything planned to do, and I was gone most of the day yesterday, I took this opportunity to just relax and try to get myself well. Tomorrow I will dedicate to homework and a little pampering in between – I’m getting my haircut for the first time in almost a year – I desperately need it! I love getting my hair cut so much, especially when it is washed and ahh…just feels so good!

Anyways, life has been pretty crazy. My first summer course, abnormal child psychology, ended last week, and three days later I started in to my adolescent development class. It is a night class that goes until 940! Seeing as my bedtime is typically around 10 pm (haha yes, I am an old lady sometimes), this makes for quite the challenge! I am already feeling overwhelmed. So instead of doing homework, what do I do? Nothing! I really need to work on that. Instead of getting things done when I feel stressed I sometimes avoid it all together and procrastinate – anyone else have that problem?

Besides for school, which to be honest, really has been taking up a good chunk of my summer, I had family from Florida come and visit for two weeks. It was really nice.

So I guess that’s all I really have to say right now. Sorry this was such a lame post! I just wanted to check in and write something. I know that there really is a lot to talk about, so I’m putting this question out on the floor for you guys: what would you like me to write about next? Is there anything that you want me to cover? Whether it be school/college related, recovery related, or chronic illness related – or anything else – I am open to suggestions. I don’t have as much time on my hands to think about and plan some good, well thought out posts as I used to. So, if you would like to help me with the process, feel free!

Hopefully I will be able to write soon, I really do enjoy it and connecting with you guys. Have a good one loves!


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Random

  1. Oh I am familiar with procrastination- it’s causes me quite a lot of stress and tears over the years. It helped when I started reading about where it stems from though- for me usually that I’m afraid something won’t be good enough so it paralyses me – I’m good at starting things straight away but when they get hard then in come all the excuses. I’ve worked hard at understanding it and addressing it, and I’m far from having it sussed but it is so much better- maybe you could post on you trying things to help with it?!

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    1. Yeah I think that is similar to why I procrastinate…I am really afraid of failure. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! That is definitely something I can write more about 🙂


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