It Takes Courage


I was scrolling through Pinterest last night when I found this quote. It immediately caught my attention. Lying in bed, I just let the words sink in…It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are…it was almost as if God knew that these words were exactly what I needed to hear, and placed this insightful quote right before my eyes at perfect timing.

I have been experiencing A LOT of anxiety lately, and for many different reasons. One of the culprits of my recent anxiety is change. I am definitely at a turning point of my life, and change is one of my biggest fears. It is not something that I am particularly good at dealing with, but I am working on it. It just started to hit me that pretty soon, I will be a college graduate with my psychology degree. Honestly, I am not sure if I could really ever see that day come, but now that I am so close, reality is hitting, and I am both proud and scared to say that in just a few months I will be graduating and continuing on with the next chapter of my life. Now, things are not totally up in the air, I do have a plan and I know what I will be doing this fall. I know in previous posts I talked about the process that I was going through on applying to grad school. Well, I just found out about two weeks ago that I have been accepted into the Masters of Social Work Program at my university! So, after my last summer course, I have about two weeks off until I start back up with school again. I know grad school will be very different from undergrad, so I am a little (ok, more than a little) nervous about this new endeavor. With finishing up my undergraduate degree and starting into the unknown of grad school, I have had quite a few anxiety attacks and meltdowns. What if I can’t handle graduate school? What if I don’t succeed? What if I am unable to complete the program in a timely manner like my experience in undergraduate school? I am terrified that my struggles will get in the way and prevent me from being successful in this program. Even more so, I am afraid of this big change and the unknown that goes along with it.

Nothing in certain in this life, there are no guarantees. Change is scary, but it is also inevitable and unavoidable. It is something that each and every one of us has to go through. I have always been afraid of time, of getting older, of growing up. But, there is no escaping that – there is absolutely no way what so ever around this fear. It is something that I need to face head on, because time does not stop.

So I saw this quote, and it brought me not only a sense of peace, but it gave me a feeling of strength. It DOES take courage to grow up and become who you really are, because you have to face the unknown and all of the fears that you may have that go with it. It takes courage just to go through life. It takes courage to surrender to the fact that you are NOT in control. Let it bring you peace, though, to know that God is in control and is always looking out for you. He has a plan for you. It was already determined before you were even born. This is something that I have to continuously remember and remind myself of. The more we put our faith and trust in God or a higher power, the more at peace we will feel throughout the course of life and in dealing with change that this life brings.

So, if you are here reading this post, I hope you know just how strong you are, because you are alive and have made it this far in this crazy journey called life. Hold on to your courage and strength – you can get through all of the challenges that life brings because we are never given more than we can handle.


One thought on “It Takes Courage

  1. I know just what you mean. For many years I have had not a fear of failure, but a fear of success. I was never afraid of NOT getting the job. That was easy…just keep applying for more jobs. But, what if I DO get the job? Then what? That’s what scared me the most. It seems kind of ridiculous, now that I’ve typed it out in words. If I was qualified enough to GET the job, I’m certainly qualified enough to DO the job. I need to develop self-confidence. It is a wonderful trait to possess. It sounds like you have decided to take the changes in your life head-on. Your self-confidence is evident in your blog. Great! Good luck finishing up your classes. Congrats on your admission to grad school!

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