Spring Break 2016: Reflections

Hello beautiful people of the blogging world! I hope everyone had a great week! I am excited to be back writing for you guys. I spent this past week in Florida visiting family, and I had such a great time! The weather was beautiful: hot but not unbearable, and sunny. I do not really have a main topic or theme for this post, I just thought I would recap and reflect on my trip. So, I hope I don’t bore you to pieces!

Monday: On Monday my sister and I flew into Orlando. When we arrived, my aunt picked us up and we were finally able to meet my new baby cousin! He is so adorable, I instantly fell in love! He is such a good baby. When we were picked up from the airport, my aunt drove us to watch my other cousin’s baseball game and we ordered some chick-fil-a. This was the first time I ever tried chick-fil-a, and I was very nervous; my eating disorder was extremely loud, but I ate it and lived to tell the tale (haha). After the game, we went back to the house and I was able to play with and hold the baby.


Tuesday: On Tuesday, my aunt, cousin, sister and I all went to the beach! I was so excited to have a beach day. I layed in the sun, played in the sand with my cousin, ordered homemade icecream, and even went body boarding! I did not think I would be able to body board or do as much as I did because of my health conditions, so I was thrilled that I was able to play in the water for a little bit. It was so beautiful out, and a relaxing day at the beach was much needed after a hectic week at school.

Wednesday: Wednesday was the best day out of the entire trip, because it was the day that my sister and I got to go to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios! It was so much fun! In order for me to be able to spend the day there, I had to get a wheelchair from the parking garage into the park, and from there I was able to rent a scooter that I could drive all around the park. I was really self conscious at first, but it turned out to be exactly what I needed. There was no way that I would have been able to do everything I did without those accommodations, and I am grateful that my family was so helpful and supportive the entire day. We spent about 10 hours at the park, just in Harry Potter World alone! We started off in Diagon Alley where we went in to Ollivander’s Wand shop, and did the Gringotts Bank ride twice! Then, we took the Hogwarts Express to Hogsmeade, where we went on the hippogriff and castle ride multiple times, and ate lunch at The Three Broomsticks. I ordered fish n’ chips with butter beer.

It was a very challenging day for me. It was just as challenging as it was fun. Why was it so difficult? Because I was constantly faced with fear foods, and I was surrounded by food for the entire day. Take butter beer for example…I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to try butter beer. I mean, it is a Harry Potter classic. However, the minute I received my butter beer I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. My thoughts started turning and spinning over in my head: “This looks really unhealthy, What do you think is in this? How do they make it? Is that ice cream on the top or just foam? How many calories is in this drink? I wonder if I can get away with not finishing it”. Just having these thoughts caused tremendous guilt and distress. I did my best to push through them. I also tried butter beer ice cream, and ice cream is a huge fear food so I was very nervous. Eventually, what I started doing to counter all of these thoughts was just giving myself permission to enjoy the day: food and all. I reminded myself that this is a special day, and it is only ONE day. I will not gain weight in one day, my body will not change drastically over the course of one day. It is okay to have ice cream and butter beer in addition to my normal meals. After all, my family gave themselves permission to enjoy the food, so why cant I? These rational thoughts helped me to fight off the eating disorder thoughts that I was experiencing quite intensely, and now I am proud to say that I have no regrets this trip-I did everything I wanted to and tried everything that I was planning.


I am home now, and I am beyond exhausted. I did so much, and really pushed myself hard. Even though I feel pretty terrible and sick at the moment, I am so glad that I forced myself to do everything that I wanted to do. As I navigate through the journey of living with chronic illness, I am learning that some things are worth feeling ill for later, where other things are not. I would not have changed my trip for anything, and I am so glad that I went and had a good time!

Tell Me: What did you do for spring break? Or, what are your upcoming plans for spring break? Are you excited for anything? I would love to hear from you!




2 thoughts on “Spring Break 2016: Reflections

  1. Congrats on participating in all the activities! Your trip sounds fantastic! You are bringing back memories for me. Freshman year of college, my friends were all going to drive from upstate New York to Florida for spring break. My parents said no way when I asked permission–too dangerous for teenagers, especially when the legal drinking age was 18! But they did allow me to FLY down to Florida with a friend, if we stayed with my aunt. So, we had fun with my cousins & got to go to the beach, just like you did! However, there was no cute baby, nor was there a trip to a great amusement park. Harry Potter sounds great!

    One more thing: if you ever get the chance to go to Chick fil-A again, the best thing on the menu is the large chocolate milkshake–you won’t need anything else! 😉


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