The Start of Something New

Good morning sunshines! It is such a beautiful day today…sunny, warm, I couldn’t ask for anything better (except for maybe being able to ski with my family). If you did not see my brief post last night, I made some major changes to my blog. After having alwayshc3pe for almost a year now, I decided that it was time for a new beginning or fresh start so to speak. I have been wanting to change the name of my blog for some time now, so I thought as my first blog year is coming to an end, this would be the perfect time to make some changes. My new site is, so be sure to check it out! I upgraded to a new design/theme and it took me a majority of the night to get used to it, but I have finally figured it out and am satisfied with the final product. No more constantly switching around theme designs because I can’t find one that I am satisfied with.

I am excited about my new blog, and anxious to write more posts for you guys. My blog is not the only thing that I am starting over with. Actually, there are several areas of my life where I feel like I am starting a new beginning. Since it is spring time after all, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for fresh starts. Below is a list that I configured of all of the “new” in my life. Enjoy!

List of New Beginnings:

  1. A new team. I have had the same team of professionals helping me with my mental health issues for years, and I became very attached to some of them. However, just a couple of months ago I decided to make some major changes regarding my health care team, and I am no longer seeing the people who have helped me through some of my most difficult times. This has been very hard for me to come to terms with, especially recently. I find myself missing these certain people a lot, wondering if I made the right choice. However, the woman who I am seeing now through my university is wonderful. She has a different approach and outlook which I think is a good thing for me, seeing as my previous relationships with team members seemed to be going a little stale. As much as I am having a hard time with this adjustment, I think it will ultimately be a good thing and I am excited to see how it all goes.
  2. A new exercise program. Since becoming sick, I have not been able to exercise. I think the last time that I really exercised was over a year ago. I LOVE exercise. I used to exercise a lot. Yes, it turned out to be an unhealthy behavior, one that was strongly linked to my eating disorder, but I really have always enjoyed exercising. I used to run, sail, ski, dance, play tennis, and do yoga. I went from being very physically active to physically inactive in a matter of days. However, after taking a stress test at the Cleveland Clinic, I was given an exercise program designed specifically for me. There are a lot of challenges that come with doing this exercise program because of my abuse of exercise in the past, so I have been avoiding actually doing this program for the longest time. Recently I decided that it is time to face it. I need to do this for myself. I know that following this program can really help me to feel better, so I mustered up the courage to get on the recumbent bike a few days ago and I am committed to completing the program.
  3. A new family member. For Thanksgiving, my aunt and uncle received the greatest blessing of all: a baby boy. They have been trying to adopt for years, and this past Thanksgiving all of their prayers were answered. They were called the day before Thanksgiving by the adoption agency telling them to come and pick up their now son. I am so excited for them, and I am even more excited to see little Nicholas! In just a few days my sister and I are flying down south to visit – I cannot wait! I get to see my cousins, and bake in the warm sunshine (haha!)
  4. A new school life.  This semester marks the end of my undergraduate school career! It has taken me 6 years to get my undergraduate degree due to health and personal reasons, but this summer I finally get to graduate! I am beyond excited. Not only that, but I applied to the Masters of Social Work program at my university for the fall, so fingers crossed that it works out! This is all so new and different for me, I never thought I would see the end of school insight and it is finally here!

Tell Me: What are your new beginnings? Is there anything in your life that you are starting fresh with? I would love to hear from you!


9 thoughts on “The Start of Something New

      1. For winter term, I took The Crusades; Election Issues that Divide Us; Theoretical Physics; and Income Inequality. Soooo interesting! For spring term, Physics in the World Around Us; St. Petersburg: Monarchs & Palaces; From Tzar Nicholas to Putin: Russia through the Eyes of 4 Generations of Women; and a lecture series of current topics like Cuba & the U.S., ISIS, The Middle East.

        The best part is that, although they are not for credit, there are no tests, either! Learning for fun, with no pressure! Woo-Hoo! Good luck with your new exercise program, your new medical team, and your studies!


  1. 🙂 Hey Claire! I’m just catching up on your blog changes now – this is a great post full of good news! I love the energy of it 🙂 congrats on working through and achieving your undergrad degree 🙂 be proud! that is brilliant 🙂
    I love your new blog theme too, very clear ! I’m changing mine all the time!!
    I am late to the party but I love your question prompts so I’m going to answer them – for me the new things this year are my new job at the stables as a yard assistant and all the experiences that are coming along with that – new colleagues, learning about caring for the horses, learning about interacting with kids that have different sensory processing disorders…
    I also changed my blog theme to freshen it up a little! and have started including book reviews and quotes to nurture my blossoming interest in fiction and writing 🙂 all my news! chat soon, Em

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    1. Hi Em! So good to hear from you and thanks! Glad you like the new theme 🙂 that sounds like some great stuff that you are involved in…enjoy it! So nice to hear from you and keep up the blogging – I love reading what you write! ❤ Take care!

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