Friday Favorites

Hello loves! I hope you all had a good week. Mine was pretty busy, and I know I have a lot of homework to complete this weekend, but I am excited to say that I completed my challenge of three blog posts this week…yay! Anyways, I do not have much else to say, so on to my favorites of this week…enjoy!

Favorite Movie: The Parent Trap

This movie was playing on FreeForm this week, and I forgot how much I love it! That movie just makes me smile 🙂

parent trap

Favorite TV Show: Recovery Road

Okay, normally I would be saying Pretty Little Liars…but I have to admit that this week Recovery Road captivated my attention more…which is surprising for me! It is turning out to be a pretty good show…I definitely recommend it!

Favorite Song: Stressed Out, by Twenty One Pilots

This song has such a great beat to it, and I feel like it is really relatable for this day and age.

Stressed Out

Favorite Food: Egg, cheese, and turkey bacon sandwich with a sandwich round

I had this for dinner this week, and it was so delicious! My mom actually made it to have something different…I would definitely have it again! I did not get a picture of it, but it looked just as delicious as it tasted 🙂

Favorite Product: My new pill box

It seems pretty simple, but it was such a cute find! I was actually with my best friend shopping in Francesca’s when she found it. We both decided that it would be more than appropriate to buy it.


Favorite Blog Posts: 6 Things You Should Never Say to a Person Dealing with Depression by AnneSmiles

This post is very helpful and well written. AnneSmiles lists various phrases that are NOT helpful for those struggling with depression to hear and why they are not good to say. I learned quite a bit from this short little post and I think she is just such a wonderful, inspiring blogger!

Redefining Lent by BeautyBeyondBones.

I love this blogger! Her posts are always so thoughtful and thought provoking. I really enjoyed reading her post about lent, it made me feel so inspired!

I highly recommend you guys check out these two bloggers. They are truly very good writers and I always look forward to reading their latest posts!

Favorite Pin From Pinterest: Things Every Girl in Her 20’s Should Know


Well, this is all for this week’s Friday Favorite’s…have a great weekend everyone!

Much love,



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