Thinking Out Loud

Hello loves! I hope all of your weeks have been good. My week has been good…good, but busy, and with that being said I can’t wait for this week to finally come to a close!

I have had to do a lot of errands and running around this week, including going to appointments, picking my sister up from school, driving her to dance, and taking care of the dogs. It has been pretty hectic, and I know right now I am beat! Thankfully for the rest of the day I can just relax.

This post is not on anything in particular, but just some ramblings of my current thoughts. I have not done a Thinking Out Loud post in a while, so I may be a little rusty! I hope this post doesn’t bore you guys to pieces.

Wow…where to begin…there is so much going on right now! I am actually in a pretty good mood, despite not feeling well at ALL, because I just got home from a therapy appointment. It has been quite a while since I have gone to any sort of therapy appointment, and I have to say it went really well! I saw someone new today through my University, and she was so sweet and easy to talk to! I actually left the appointment feeling good instead of defeated or like I could have done without. I am hoping that everything will work out from here and that the rest of my appointments go just as well.

School starts in just a few days….ahh!! I have been avoiding checking my email like the plague-I am not ready to go back!! Okay, in all honesty, part of me is a little ready because I am starting to get bored…I need some work to do! But I know once I start back up in school I will want it to be Christmas/Winter break again. I am taking two classes this semester. As many of you know, last semester I was taking three online classes. The reason why I am only taking two classes in the spring is because I have to go INTO school for one, which will be a challenge for me. I am taking a psych class (Anxiety Disorders) and the second part to my nutrition class that I took this past fall. Hopefully they will be interesting!

I think I will be spending this weekend in the town where I grew up skiing. It makes me sad, though, that I cannot actually ski anymore. This is the first winter I will be back in Ellicottville in two years, and the first winter where I am pretty much unable to ski because of my illnesses. I don’t know what I am going to do…maybe I will come up with some good blog post topics for you guys!

Well, I think I will end this post here. I wish you all a FaBuLoUs weekend!

Much Love,




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