2016 Intentions

Hello loves! I know it is already January 11th, and this post may be a little late…better late than never, right?! I thought I would write about some of my intentions for the new year of 2016. Now, as some of you may already know if you watched the first video from my new YouTube channel with gracefulaesthetic, titled Kelly and Claire’s Recovery, you will know that I am NOT a fan of New Years resolutions. For one, they do not last very long. There is always a big hype about them at the end of the year and around New Years, but it never seems to last throughout the entire year. Also, our televisions are bombarded with weight loss and diet commercials, just to get everyone on the bandwagon of making their New Years resolution about “losing weight” and “eating more healthy.” I was flipping through channels the other day and saw a weight watchers commercial about getting your ‘best body’ for 2016…like, really?

I mean don’t get me wrong, that resolution sounds enticing. However, there are several issues with this popular New Years resolution. For starters, why focus so hard on the single year? In order to continue growing, shouldn’t we try to make small changes over a longer period of time? What about our long term goals? Shouldn’t we constantly be changing and growing and working on becoming the best selves we can be? Secondly, why does the focus always have to be on getting our ‘best body’? Aren’t there other, more important things maybe, that we should want to work on? I mean let’s face it, as long as you are happy and healthy isn’t that all that should really matter? I could go on a long rant about how I hate New Years resolutions for this reason, because a lot of times I find them to be superficial and unhelpful. I will stop myself here so I can continue on with what this post is really about, which is my New Years intentions.

Even though I do not like New Years resolutions, I DO think it is important to be able to reflect on the past year and decide what changes you want to make moving forward into the nest year. These changes are ones that you can continue to work on and build off of for the next several years to come. I thought it would be fun to make a list of my intentions that I am starting for this new year of 2016 and share them with all of you…I hope you enjoy!

2016 Intentions  

  1. to be a more mindful person
  2. try to eat intuitively (eat when I’m hungry, stop when I’m full…basically honoring my body and my hunger and fullness cues)
  3. Put forth my best effort in the two classes that I am taking
  4. Spend more time with God and try to make it to Church more often than I have been
  5. Be kinder to my family, even when I am having difficult days
  6. Spend more time with my pup Fiona and take full care of her, even when I am busy or not feeling well because she is MY responsibility, not my mother’s (although I appreciate her help)
  7. Let my family and friends know how much I love and appreciate them
  8. Continue to try my best in therapy sessions
  9. Get on an exercise plan to help with my POTS
  10. Follow and maintain all of the recommendations given to me to fight my illnesses (both medical and mental)

Well, that is my list of the top ten intentions that I want to focus on! I hope you all have a good day and I wish you the best in 2016!

Much love,



6 thoughts on “2016 Intentions

  1. Very logical to have mindful, long-range intentions as goals toward success rather than unreachable, short-lived resolutions that will inevitably result in failure and disappointment. You have compiled a wonderful list. My intention is to get my act together and be more like you! Happy 2016!

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