Dating When You are Chronically Sick/The Benefits of Online Dating

Hello loves! Sorry I have been gone for the past week. This video will update you on what has been going on with me recently, and the video is a little different from any other video that I have ever made. In this short video I talk about what it is like to date while dealing with chronic conditions, and the benefits that online dating can have whether you struggle with anxiety or any other mental illness, or medical illnesses. I hope you enjoy!

In other exciting news, I was recently nominated by Denica (theglitterfight) for the Versatile Blogger Award, which will be my next post coming soon.


6 thoughts on “Dating When You are Chronically Sick/The Benefits of Online Dating

  1. Glad to hear your online dating is going well. I did online dating for a while and no one was interested in me. I have been sick off and on. During the times I was well I kept asking out girls though they all passed or were seeing someone I was happy for asking and have found it easier to communicate my feelings and be open and continue to ask out girls. I try never to get down as there are a lot of women in the world. I have one girl who seems to like me that I am talking to. I have a feeling it will lead to something good.

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      1. Yea make take a lot of time with this girl I am in no rush and things are progressing well if I can open up to her in a book sharing most of life with her it will help her understand me more. This girl is a very nice girl having an illness or problems is no dealbreaker. She seems to like me a lot. Hope it works out.


  2. Your video was so encouraging. And how wonderful that online dating has been working out for you! That is a great way for anyone to meet people, but especially people who can’t get out much. What a sweet guy to have come to meet you in person for a few days, too!


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