The Best Gifts of Christmas 2015

Hello lovelies!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I know this time of year can be stressful, but I truly hope that everyone was able to enjoy the time spent with family and friends, despite the stressors that may have been present.

Since Christmas is now over, I thought it would be fun to kind of do a reflection on the holiday and gift re-cap! Now I know what you may be thinking…I do not intend for this to be a superficial post! Let me just put it out in the open now that I love and appreciate every single gift I was given this year, and every year for that matter. I am not picky when it comes to gifts, and I am well aware that gifts are not what the season is all about. All of this being said, I do admit that I LOVE giving gifts! I think one of my favorite aspects of Christmas is watching those who I love open gifts that I have picked out for them…ANYWAY, I am digressing a bit.

I really thought it would be fun to write about a couple of the main gifts that I received this year and reflect on the 2015 holiday. My intentions for this post is for it to be light hearted and fun…So please sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Christmas is my favorite time of year…which I am sure many of you have figured that out by now. I love everything about the season. It just makes me feel so cheerful and happy! On Christmas Eve my family and I went to Church, and then to my aunt’s place where we had fondue for dinner. I enjoyed the meal, opening and giving gifts, and with a couple glasses of wine was feeling pretty darn good by the end of the night! On Christmas morning my sisters and I woke up around 9 am and, as a family, opened gifts for a majority of the morning. Despite a couple blips and moments of tension here and there, which I am not going to really get into (after all, it wouldn’t be Christmas without them!) the day was nice and went pretty smoothly. I am so blessed to be able to spend such a special time with all of my immediate family together. Now, onto my three gifts of Christmas!

Gifts of Christmas

  1. My family…yes I count this as a gift. There are many people who do not have the pleasure and opportunity to spend the holiday with family, for one reason or another. Some are mourning the loss of loved ones who are normally there on Christmas, other people may not have any family or get along with their families. I count myself very blessed to have a family who loves and cares about one another. Additionally, as many of you know last year I was not home for Christmas. I was away in a treatment facility for my eating disorder, which was NOT the way I wanted to spend my holiday. I was lucky enough to have my family come and visit me for part of the day, but being away from home last Christmas really made me appreciate this year even more while I was back at home with my family.
2. My Vanity for my room… On Christmas morning, my parents surprised me with a large gift! They had me close my eyes as they brought this beautiful vintage vanity with a fold up mirror into the living room. I was so surprised! See, my sister has a vanity for doing hair and makeup in her room, and I always use it because it gets so tiring for me with my illnesses to be standing while trying to get ready for the day if I have to go out. My parents must have noticed how often I was using my sister’s vanity and how tiring it was for me to stand and do my hair and makeup. Finding this vanity for my room was such a thoughtful gesture and I love and appreciate this gift so much!
3. My New Laptop! Yes! I received a new laptop for Christmas! Now I did know about this gift because I was with my dad while the both of us picked it out. It is the same kind that I had before, just the newest and most updated version. I am using it now and I am so excited! This was a big gift, and I am so appreciative that I have it! My old laptop was going on 6 years and started to crash. Between taking online classes and blogging, I spend a lot of time on my computer and it is really important that I have one that is working! I love it! It is such a nice change from my old one that gave me so many problems.
So those are my three gifts of Christmas! I hope you enjoyed this post…I know I had fun while writing it!
Tell Me: what are some of your favorite gifts that you received this year? Do you prefer to give gifts or receive them? I would love to hear from you!

6 thoughts on “The Best Gifts of Christmas 2015

  1. I much prefer giving gifts to receiving them. I am very introverted and I find it awkward to open gifts and have the giver staring at me for a reaction…I’d rather get nothing! LOL

    This year, we actually didn’t exchange any gifts in my family amongst the adults. I do buy gifts for my niece and friends’ children though, which is always fun 🙂

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  2. It sounds like you had a really lovely Christmas and that makes me glad!

    I much prefer giving gifts to receiving gifts, I just love seeing my mum’s face opening the various gifts I’ve picked out for her! This year, she bought me a Kindle Fire, a pale pink jumper with a penguin on it and a penguin stuffed toy. I was over the moon!


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