5 Tips to Survive Eating Out

Hello loves! Since tonight I am going out to dinner with a friend and her boyfriend who I am meeting for the first time, I am pretty anxious! What did I do to calm down my nerves? I thought about ways to help me get through the evening…and so far they have been pretty helpful. I decided to make a video on my top 5 tips or things to do when going out to eat if you struggle with an eating disorder. I hope you find this post beneficial! Of course, I would love any feedback you may have. Hope you enjoy!!


4 thoughts on “5 Tips to Survive Eating Out

  1. Great tips! I especially like the one about looking up the menu online beforehand. I am always the slowest person at the table to decide what to order, so this would make things a lot easier.

    You are brave to go out to eat, but making a list of tips is sure to help you through it; sharing the list gives others confidence through you!


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