The Gift of Giving: My Trip to Cleveland

Hello everyone! I hope all of your weeks are going well so far.

Today I really want to talk a little bit about love and the gift of giving back.

I spent the past two days at the Cleveland Clinic. My mom and I left on Monday and had an appointment with the Cardiologist who I saw in September to go over all of my test results. We stayed over night on Monday, and Tuesday we had two additional appointments: one with Neurology and one with Gastroenterology. After my appointments I had to get some blood work done before we could head home. It was a very long and exhausting two days to say the least, but I got SO MUCH out of this trip and was surrounded by so many people who care and genuinely want to help others, and it was the nicest feeling especially around Christmas time.

First I will talk a little bit about my experience there before getting into what I really would like to talk about. I was very nervous going into my cardiology appointment because I knew the doctor was going to go over all of the test results. After years of not feeling well and months of not truly knowing what is wrong, I finally received a diagnosis of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and Vasovagal Syncope. In addition, one of the tests which is a neurological test called the Q Sart came back abnormal, so the next day in my neurology appointment we discussed the possibility of me having autonomic neuropathy. However, I need further testing to see if this is the case, so I do have to go back to the clinic.

Now onto the main message of this post! The people that I met with and talked to on this trip were so wonderful and were genuinely caring people who just want to help and give back. Everywhere we turned there was a person willing to help us out…whether it was to find the location of our next appointment, or the shuttle drivers simply taking us to the clinic. I heard several people’s stories and some of them were down right heart breaking. However, the love and support that I felt from everyone in the shuttle on Tuesday morning was overwhelming. The very kind older gentleman who was driving the shuttle that morning told us that this day was particularly hard for him, because it was the day that his daughter passed away. She was only a sophomore in college. Everyone in the shuttle showed this man so much love and support, saying they would pray extra hard for him this day. Another woman was hoping that her husband would make it until Christmas, and we all told her that she would be in our prayers, as well. I tell you these stories because I think it is so important to show extra love and kindness to those who are suffering, especially around Christmas time. Christmas is a time for showing love and compassion for others, and not all people have a happy Christmas. Some are mourning losses of loved ones, others are very sick. It is so important that we keep these people in our thoughts and prayers, because some of us need extra love around the holidays.

The shuttle driver on Tuesday afternoon gave my mother and I a much needed reminder. We were tired after a long, tough day. I had just passed out at the end of my blood draw before leaving the clinic, and we were both down right exhausted. The driver asked me “how was your day?” “are you feeling better?” To be honest, I wasn’t feeling any better…but I did not want to be completely negative, so I replied “I guess a little bit.” The driver looked at me and my mother and said “come on! Lets find a positive there has to be one!” So I thought about it and said…”it was a very informative day. I learned a lot and met some really great people!” The driver told us that it is so important to find the good in situations, because there is always something good that comes from something hard or difficult. He also reminded us that no matter how bad our situation is, there is always someone out there who has it worse, so we need to be thankful for all that we have. I am so grateful for my opportunity to go to Cleveland Clinic and see the doctors that I did. No doubt about it that it was a tough trip, but I learned a lot and met people who truly care and WANT to help figure out what is going on. For that, I am so thankful.


Tell Me: What are you thankful for this Christmas season? How do you show others love and compassion? I would love to hear from you!


One thought on “The Gift of Giving: My Trip to Cleveland

  1. Good for you going through all that at the Cleveland Clinic…again. I am so glad you got some answers so you can proceed with your course of healing. Even if you don’t know everything yet, you gained confirmation on a few diagnoses and that knowledge is so much better than wondering.

    Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but for those who face hardships every day, it can be extra lonely and extra difficult. I think the most important thing we need to remember is the reason for the season. Jesus set a beautiful example for us during His time here on Earth. A smile can go a long way. Listening is so important. Offering prayers can be very comforting.

    Thank you for sharing the kindness shown by all the staff at the Cleveland Clinic. What a nice example they are setting, too!

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