Making Memories

It’s that time of year again! Time to bring out the Christmas sweaters and fuzzy socks, baking cookies, watching Christmas movies, and spending time with family and friends.

It is also that time of the year where many are cramming in last minute assignments and studying for exams, rushing to buy Christmas gifts, and stress running high.

Either way, December is here and it is my favorite time of year.

I am so glad that I am spending this Christmas at home. As many of you know, last year I spent a good, long 6 months in a treatment facility out in Arizona for my eating disorder. I was there for Christmas, which crushed me. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love it where I live. I missed the snow, skiing, and being with my family. Thankfully, my family came down to Arizona to be with me on Christmas Day, and that is by far the most wonderful Christmas gift that I have ever received.

charlie brown

This year, I am making it a point to make the most of the holidays and the time leading up to Christmas. I want to make sure I spend time with my family and friends and time doing things that I enjoy. That is why last night I went out with a good friend of mine and had a great time! I was feeling very nervous about going out and guilty because I still have an exam left to take for school that I need to be studying for, but everyone needs to take a break and have fun once in a while, right? Especially around this time of year! So last night my friend picked me up and we drove to a pub to get some drinks before seeing the movie Krampus. I LOVE Christmas, and scary movies…so put them together and it sounded like such a great time! After the movie, we decided it would be fun to go back to the pub… I can’t even REMEMBER the last time I went out for drinks with a friend…and I had a great time! Although I was experiencing feelings of guilt because I ‘could have’ or even better, ‘should have’ been studying, I am so glad that I pushed myself to go out last night. Part of experiencing the magic and beauty of the season is by remaining present and staying in the moment. When you are doing something fun or spending time with family and friends, be all there because it is those times where you make lasting memories.


I encourage all of you this Christmas season to have fun, spend time with those you care about, and stay in the moment always. You never know what you could be missing out on when you leave the present. All we have is now: so go out and make some memories!


Much love,



One thought on “Making Memories

  1. Excellent blog with great advice for a time of year that is about LOVE, but is so commercialized, the meaning is often lost. If everyone could grasp the message as well as you, Bella, the world would be a friendlier, more peaceful place. Thank you for this reminder! 💕


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