Hello loves! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

Yesterday was a good day because I spent the afternoon with my best friend. Both of us struggle with eating disorders, so we decided to make yesterday a self-care day. I went to my friend’s place and we watched Burlesque (while mostly talking through it), drank tea and just hung out. It was a very low – key afternoon, and much needed after my hectic Friday and busy Saturday.

After catching up with my friend, I had a Bible Study to go to at my other friend’s apartment. I always look forward to going to the Bible Study because it is a great way to start off the week and it always puts me in a good mood. The topic for this week’s study centered around the idea of waiting and what that looks like for us as opposed to what it means in a godly way. I really enjoyed this week’s study because it is very relevant to my life and my situation at the moment. We shared with each other about times in our life where we were doing a lot of waiting on God for answers and when we were frustrated with God, and we also talked about what we are waiting for currently. I realized that for the past 6 months I have been doing a great deal of waiting and hoping for answers pertaining to my health.

Ever since I came home from treatment for my eating disorder back in March, I have been waiting on doctor’s appointments to receive a concrete diagnosis and to figure out exactly WHY I am not feeling well. I waited for 4 months to go to the Cleveland Clinic, just to find out that I needed more testing done so the doctor could rule other problems out and figure out what has been going on. I have been waiting to see a genius doctor in Buffalo and I finally have an appointment coming up on December 1st. I am waiting for my next appointment and series of tests to take place in Cleveland again, I am desperately waiting for answers. What I learned from the Bible study, though, and just from all of my experience in this waiting period is that you cannot put your life on hold just because you are waiting for answers. No matter what the situation is, you have to keep moving and plugging along. Life goes on and you cannot stop your life just because you are waiting for God’s answers. God is doing wonderful things that we may not even realize in this waiting period. He is giving us blessings and other opportunities. He is challenging us. He is allowing our faith to grow stronger and enabling us to flourish and become the best version of ourselves that we can be. So if you are waiting on God for an answer, just know that there is beauty in waiting, and that you will get your answer in God’s time, in God’s way-He has a plan for you and He is always listening. Be sure to keep your heart open to God and do not turn away. He is always there for you, even during times of waiting and frustration.





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