O.C.D – Obsessive Christmas Disorder

Hello lovelies! I hope you are all having a good week so far.

So today I want to talk a little bit about OCD. No, not the mental illness obsessive  compulsive disorder, but rather the syndrome used to describe people who are obsessed with Christmas, Obsessive Christmas Disorder…

There is an uproar from people who are accusing the popular store Target, of being insensitive to mental illness. Just recently this sweater was released in Target’s holiday sweater collection.


Many shoppers are angry because this sweater is supposedly ‘poking fun’ at a serious mental health condition. Target received many calls to remove the sweater from it’s shelves, but made the decision to keep it in stores. Despite all of the criticism that Target received from selling this sweater, they also were defended by many who think the criticism is overblown.

Here is my take on this…

Speaking as someone who suffers from OCD, I personally do not find this offensive. I do not see this sweater as ‘making fun’ of OCD at all. They simply switched out words, changing compulsive disorder to Christmas disorder. I do not think that the person who came up with this phrase had any ill will towards those suffering from OCD. I do not think that this phrase coming about really had anything to do with the actual mental illness. I think nowadays people are highly sensitive to absolutely ANYTHING that could be offensive or be taken out of context. I believe that it is important to take most things with a grain of salt, and try not to let little things upset you or bring you down. In the grand scheme of things, how destructive is this sweater, really? Christmas is a time to be joyful and I think that this sweater was meant to be light hearted and fun. Does that mean that I think OCD is a fun disorder? Absolutely not! It can be a living hell. But when we attribute this sweater as designed to ‘make fun’ of this illness, I think we are taking one step too far. This phrase was not invented by Target, it has been around for a while and different brands have used it as well. Personally, I think I may have both obsessive compulsive disorder as WELL as obsessive Christmas disorder, because I LOVE Christmas! And I think that is all the sweater is meant to stand for: people who really love Christmas.

Tell ME: What do YOU think about this Christmas sweater? Do you find it offensive, or do you think that people are blowing it up into something bigger than it is? I would love to hear from you!




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