Life is Hard

Hello loves! I hope you all are doing well. Today I want to talk a little bit about life. Yes, a very broad subject, but I will narrow it down a bit. Let me start at the beginning.

Last night I went to a Bible Study that I attend at my friend’s place every two weeks. It’s the best girl’s night and we have some awesome discussions! The guided Journal that we work through each week is called Raw Faith by Kasey Van Norman. After we go through the discussion questions for each week, we watch a video that corresponds with the lesson for that week. This week’s video sparked interesting discussions and lit a fire within me; the video really spoke to me! There were many wonderful ideas and points that Kasey made in the video, but I will just discuss one for today. One of the points that really stood out to me was this: Life is ANYTHING but easy…I know, you are probably thinking “really? Tell me something that I don’t already know!” However, there is a lot more to this statement than just the obvious.

We know all too well that life can be tough sometimes. No single person goes through life without struggles, hardships, or obstacles that they must face. If you do, well please let me know your secret! Okay, but in all seriousness, if you can say that your life is easy, then something is not right; you are not pushing yourself or challenging yourself. Watching Kasey Van Norman’s video made me come to the realization that life is a climb. God is sovereign and all-knowing. He created this world with hurtles to test our faith. If the world was full of only good things, there would be no need for Jesus. A point that I am trying to get at, too, is this: You are not alone in your hardships. Maybe not everyone is going through exactly what you are going through, but we all have “stuff” that we are going through and we are all fighting our own battles. We are each on our own journey, every single one of us, and it is by no means an easy one.

same game

So to anyone out there thinking “why me?”, because we all do, know that God is with you and that He has a plan. I hope you can find peace and comfort in the fact that we need to go through some darkness before finding the light, and that each and every one of us has our own cross to bear.

Much Love,

~ BellaX0


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