What I Learned Wednesday: Food is Fuel

Hello loves! I hope you are all having a good week so far. Today was a fairly busy day for me. I left for the doctor’s office at about 9:00 am and did not get home until almost 1:00 pm. The doctor who I was going to is my naturopathic doctor, whom I have found extremely knowledgeable and helpful through my journey with these illnesses that people are having a difficult time figuring out. Naturopathy is the practice of natural medicines; the doctors prescribe and use natural methods and supplements for healing your body. In one area of the doctor’s office they have a room full of comfy chairs and IV’s. It was suggested to me by my doctor there that I go each week to receive an IV drip. He calls my IV therapy the “Mitochondrial cocktail” which contains magnesium, sodium, and many other things that I have already forgotten. Today was my second trip to get my IV, and as comfy as the chairs are and as much school work I bring with me, it still seemed to drag on forever! After my IV treatment, I had a second treatment (much less time consuming) which included lying on a cellular mat. This mat heals your body on a cellular level and supposedly has worked wonders on those with chronic illnesses and cancer patients, as well. It’s pretty cool stuff…anyways, I digress…back to what I learned!


Before I had my IV administered, the woman working in the IV room took my blood pressure, which wasn’t super low, but low-normal, for me anyways. She asked if I wanted apple juice or a banana, and I declined having just had some cereal for breakfast. My mother gave me a look like “you should have a banana, darn it!” but I didn’t care. Afterall, I had just eaten! After an hour of receiving the IV fluids, or cocktail, my blood pressure was taken again only to be a low 80/56. I was asked again if I wanted juice or a banana, but the idea was a little more pushed this time, so I forced juice down with a smile. On our way out of the office my mom picked up two bananas: one for me, one for her. I kept telling her I didn’t want it and she kept reminding me that the doctor suggested I have potassium after the IV, plus my bp was really low. So I forced the banana down, too. There is a point to all of this, I swear. The point is that food is not just about weight. I know that is all I was thinking about when people were asking me if I wanted juice or fruit. I was getting annoyed and frustrated because the only thoughts that were running through my mind were “I already ate breakfast, I can’t have anything else” and “If I eat that or drink this I will gain weight.” Now I know these are distorted thoughts and are just not true, because you can’t gain weight after eating one banana or drinking one small cup of juice…it’s just not logical…but it seemed really logical to me in the moment. The other important lesson that I learned is that food is fuel, food contain nutrients that our bodies need to work properly. Sometimes, it isn’t all about weight, and sometimes the issue is a lot bigger than weight. I needed to give myself a snack because it is what my body needed at that moment. Having an IV can be a tiring process on your body when it is being administered. I saw other people there with their water bottles and juices, and I was refusing to even drink my G2. Looking back on it, I can see that I definitely was not looking at the situation from many perspectives, but rather just one. When we do not eat what we are supposed to and do not follow instructions from doctors or dieticians, we are essentially harming ourselves and hurting our bodies by depriving them from the nutrients that they need.

Who cares about weight? For one second can we just stop and think about the possibility of passing out if we don’t nourish ourselves, and what that means? Think about what we are possibly doing to our organs if we do not eat enough? Or in my case, not having enough of an important nutrient and having such low blood pressure that I could fall over while walking, or worse, by simply standing up? I know I never stopped to think about that. But now I am. To all my eating disorder friends out there, food is not JUST about weight, it’s about so much more. Our bodies can’t run and function without the proper nutrients. So be kind to yourselves and give your body what it needs and deserves.

Much love,

~ Bellax0


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