Only October

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Good morning wonderful people! I (very recently) just wrote a post on invisible illness week, so this post will not be very long. HOWEVER, since it is the 1st of October, the beginning of a new month as well as Dysautonomia Awareness month, I thought it was appropriate to post today.


What IS Dysautonomia? I know many of you have seen me use this term, but I do not know if I have actually explained what it is. Well, for those interested, Dysautonomia is an umbrella term used to describe various medical conditions that cause malfunction of the Autonomic Nervous System. This nervous system is one that controls “automatic” functions of the body such as heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, temperature control, dilation and constriction of the pupils and more. The people who are diagnosed with Dysautonomia have difficulty controlling and regulating these systems, which throws the body out of wack so to speak. Some of the different forms of Dysautonomia include Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), Neurocardiogenic Syncope (NCS), and Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). Dysautonomia is also closely linked to and co-occurs with other medical conditions. Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) is believed to be associated with POTS and Dysautonomia, as well. EDS is a hereditary connective tissue disorder that typically shows up with stretchy skin, joint hypermobility and pain, along with frequent dislocations, although not everyone with EDS has to experience large amounts of pain. I have a likely diagnosis of EDS and I personally do not experience much pain, but I do have joint hypermobility, particularly in my fingers and hands. The three major forms of EDS are EDS type I, II, and III (which is mine). Dysautonomia is a condition that can cause significant amounts of stress on the body. It is not a very rare condition and it is one that definitely needs more  awareness and recognition.

Not only is October Dysautonomia awareness month, but it is also the month of my birthday! I find that to be super coincidental and ironic. My birthday is coming up on the 7th of October. I am always looking forward to my birthday because it is a nice time with family and friends, but I dread it at the same time. My anxiety tends to sky rocket over the fact that I am getting older and also over the food. I am still not at a place with my eating disorder where I feel totally comfortable eating a nice, full meal with cake afterwards. It is one day though, and that is what I keep telling myself; that I can handle it one day and if there were any day to celebrate with food it is, in fact, my birthday. That being said – bring on the month of October! I’ve got this!


Tell Me: What are you looking forward to this month? Is there anything you like about the fall in particular? Is there any cause that you have been dedicated to or want to give your time to? I would love to hear from you!



2 thoughts on “Only October

  1. Hi Claire! I’m so happy to hear about you, and so happy I found your blog! It’s really inspiring and well written. You can do this Claire Bear! I believe in you :).

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