Road Trip To Cleveland

Hello loves! I hope you are all having a good week so far. So, as some of you know if you follow my regular instagram, I had to leave my baby Fiona for a few days while I spent some time at the Cleveland Clinic going through testing. It was a rough couple of days. My mom and I left on Sunday evening and drove for about three hours, stayed in a hotel, and then early Monday morning around 6:30, took a shuttle to the Cleveland Clinic for a full day of tests. I have to admit, I was hoping to get some answers while on this trip and not be told that I need to come back in two months, but it is only logical that they cannot produce and read over the test results the day that I take them. I had to go through several tests which involved the testing of my nerves, blood volumes and blood draws, and a tilt table test. Now, I already had a tilt table test when I was hospitalized in Arizona and it came out positive for POTS, but this time around was a little different story. After speaking with the Doctor, he told me there are a number of things that could be going wrong, and instead of or in addition to having POTS, I may have inappropriate sinus tachycardia because of the constant high heart rate and drops in blood pressure. So, he ordered me another tilt table test, and this time was even worse than the last. This test could take up to 45 minutes, and I lasted a grand total of 2…impressive, right? When they tilted the table to a 70 degree angle I started blacking out. My blood pressure bottomed out to 69/49, my heart rate dropped, and the nurse said I turned as white as the sheets so they lowered the table and ended the test. I’m not sure if that gave the doctor enough information, but I hope that little episode speaks for something!


Above is a picture of me after the tilt table test. My arm is wrapped up because there was an IV kept there for further testing. So, no, I did not get the answers that I was hoping for this time around, but I made a good start and great step in the right direction. When I go back in a couple months, I see two more specialists and the doctor I saw on Monday to go over all of the test results with me. Until then, I just have to keep plugging along, trying my hardest, resting when I need to, and most importantly, having hope and faith! Patience is the key in this situation, and the key for a lot of situations. If you do not have patience, you are just going to get yourself more worked up, stressed, and worried over situations in which you have no control. Let go, and come what may. Have a good week loves!



6 thoughts on “Road Trip To Cleveland

  1. Hang in there Bella, God has purpose for what you are going through, and you have such a beautiful spirit and positive attitude, you are making the world a better place by sharing your struggles while believing in God’s wisdom 🙂

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