Fiona Comes Home!

Hello loves! So I have had a very eventful past 2 days and I am exhausted, to say the least, but also incredibly happy! Yesterday after my therapy appointment my dad and I drove to our cabin for the night, which is close to where we were going to pick up my puppy, Fiona. We went out to dinner, which was a little difficult, but I ordered something I was more comfortable with which was fish. We then watched a horror movie that night before bed, and first thing in the morning we got up, went to Coffee Culture for breakfast, and headed off to get my puppy that I have been waiting months for!

The breeder was very nice and we got to see all of the puppies and hold them. When I held Fiona for the first time I felt like a real mamma! She snuggled up in my arms and licked my chin and I just fell in love. The breeder talked to us about training, food, etc., and the last step was to sign the paper work! Once I did that, we were off! The car ride home was not bad at all! The poor pup cried a little in the beginning, but I grabbed her baby blanket with the scents of her brothers and sister on it and wrapped her up on my lap. She calmed down in no time! In fact, she slept most of the way home!

Now that we are home, I see her starting to acclimate to her new environment and it is just amazing! My family also has another dog, Gidget, and it is interesting to see her reaction to Fiona. Gidget, a viszla, has always been the ‘princess’ of the house, and now that there is a new pup in the family she doesn’t know what to do with herself!


Anyways, Fiona is just a sweetheart and I am having a hard time putting her down! I am glad that I was able to get away and write while she is sleeping, but I really want her to wake up so we can snuggle and play! I love my new companion and I am so excited to finally have a friend during long and lonely days.


** All my posts about Fiona can be found under the category ‘Following Fiona’ on my website!

Have a great weekend loves!


10 thoughts on “Fiona Comes Home!

  1. Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Fiona is beautiful. It gave me happy memories of bringing home our dog (8 years ago) and, just like you, trying to make him comfortable on the car ride back and in his new world. From your photos, it looks like you’re already doing a wonderful job making her feel welcomed and loved. The two of you will be great friends, I’m sure. Enjoy!

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