Magnificent Monday

When you are agoraphobic, socializing can be hard, let alone going anywhere. For the past couple weeks I have had a hard time leaving my room, leaving the house, and going out anywhere by myself. What IS agoraphobia anyways? Well, for those of you who don’t know, let me briefly explain: Agoraphobia is the fear of being outside, or in a situation where one could not escape, or where it would be difficult or humiliating to escape. Agoraphobia is centered around safety and it makes people fear being alone when out and about in public.

Anyways, this post is not about agoraphobia, but agoraphobia plays a role in this post, so I felt the need to explain a little bit about it before I really dive in. So here we go!

Monday was the first day in at least two weeks where I actually had a social life and went out with a friend! I saw my best friend, actually, for the first time in a while. We decided to go to the movies and we saw Inside Out. It was very good and super cute! I highly recommend seeing that movie. It was a movie for kids, but also adults seeing as some of the concepts go right over younger children’s heads. The movie was all about emotions and what goes on inside our heads. It shows how we need all emotions, including sadness, in order to function. It was actually pretty deep and eye opening – not to mention funny and heartwarming! We met up before the movie and chatted, got ourselves all caught up, and it was nice to talk to another human my age! So, yes, I did enjoy my time out of the house. I drove us both to the movie theatre, and normally I have terrible anxiety driving so I avoid doing it at all costs. However, since I had another person in the car with me, it made me feel much less afraid and lessened the symptoms of my agoraphobia.

inside out

Going out yesterday not only challenged my social anxiety, but it helped me fight through my agoraphobia. It would have been easy for me to cancel, but I knew if I did I would regret it, especially because I was seeing such a good friend and a friend who can understand and relate to much of what I go through. Without her, I don’t know where I would be! The support that we have for each other is monumentous, and I know that when the going gets tough, she will be right by my side, and of course the other way around!


Tell Me: Do you have a friend who understands your mental illnesses? Do you support each other and help each other through difficult times? Is it helpful to have friends that deal with similar or the same issues as you do? How do you get yourself to go out and socialize when you don’t want to but know you should? I would love to hear from you guys!

Have a good evening loves!


4 thoughts on “Magnificent Monday

  1. I am so happy we spent yesterday together! It was definitely eye opening and of course, fun! We should don’t more often. I’m so proud of you and grateful that you drove because I am also afraid. I’m conquering my fear of bridges though!

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  2. My friend Grace (who unfortunately moved away to go to college last month!) was insanely helpful and knowledgeable about my ed. I find it helpful to actually avoid hanging out or getting too close with others with eating disorders in real life because I compare myself too easily and it triggers me.

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    1. Oh that’s great you had a friend that was so supportive like that! And I totally get where you are coming from. In many cases, I tend to do the same thing. It is good to make sure that you have friends without eds bc it is sooo easy to compare and get triggered.

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