Off To School We Go!

Hello loves. It is about that time of year where students are getting ready to head off to college. My sister is one of them! She is a freshman and, unlike me, going to school pretty far away from where home is, and I am going to miss her like crazy! In honor of my sister leaving for school and many students headed off to college, I thought I would write a post on my last day with my sister home and my family together as it has always been before this transition!

Yesterday was bittersweet. First thing in the morning we all woke up and went down to the village diner for breakfast. My sisters and dad walked down, while my mom and I drove because I still cannot walk that far. Breakfast was sooooo yummy…but also very difficult. I ordered strawberry pancakes – my favorite thing on the menu – which was definitely a challenge. For those of you who follow my Recovery Instagram, you will know that I had a difficult time afterwards. I ate half of the meal (which I am proud of, don’t get me wrong) but I also felt extremely guilty and ashamed. It seemed like way more than I ever really eat in one sitting and that made me very nervous. Feeling stuffed and uncomfortably full did not help matters much either. However, I wanted to have a good and successful last breakfast out with my family and avoid any conflicts or fighting! I would say that part of my mission was successful :).

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After breakfast, I was exhausted so I came home and slept for a bit, and for lunch I finished my second pancake from breakfast. The afternoon was pretty rocky. I ended up having a bad panic attack – over what? I am not sure. I think a lot of things. I am going through a lot of changes currently such as my sister leaving, my other sister starting high school after being homeschooled her whole life, beginning three online courses, going to the Cleveland Clinic, getting a puppy (yay!), and I think all of it was building up. I have also been worried about friends which has caused some stress. Anyways, It took me a while to calm down but with my mom’s help I was eventually able to. The solution to de-stressing after my panic attack? Comfy blanket, favorite stuffed bear from treatment, my stress ball, and Burlesque.


Later that afternoon, I grabbed my two sisters and we played this old card game that we haven’t played in years! It is called Suds and it is actually pretty fun! Of course, none of us like reading the directions, so it made it twice as fun trying to navigate through the game and figure out how to play…pretty sure we made up a lot of our own rules ;).


We finished the night off with dinner and champagne, which was really nice. Champagne was my sister’s request and we all really enjoyed that! Afterwards, we watched Footloose which was on television. It was not a late night for anyone, because early this morning my sister had to leave for school.


So that was my last day before my sister left me! :(. We were celebrating a lot of different things: obviously my sister starting college, my other sister starting high school, myself starting school again with taking some online courses, and my dad finding a new job. We are beginning a new year – and hopefully one with good luck and good things to come!

That is what I wish all of you…whether you are going back to school, work, or continuing with whatever you are doing, that happiness follows you into the fall and that you have many good, fun times this coming year!

Have a fabulous day everyone!


3 thoughts on “Off To School We Go!

  1. What a wonderful family celebration! Transitions are scary, but you never know how the changes in family dynamics will affect everyone. Shortly after my oldest son went off to college, my middle son asked, “Has anyone noticed how much less violent it is around here since he left?” (Boys fight a lot.) It sounds funny, but it is true! My two younger sons, being the only kids left at home, became closer. And each of them has a better relationship with their oldest brother since he left four years ago. Change brings new adventures. Look forward to the ride!


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