An Overdue Post on ED

Hello lovelies! I hope you are all having a good week so far. So, I apologize for the short post, and since it is so short I decided to make a mini video (I know, another one…) for today. I promise I will have some longer and better posts to come! I wanted to write a post on eating disorders today, but I have been experiencing some writer’s block on the topic and my 3 minute video will explain why. Also, I have had a lot going on lately between doctors appointments, dealing with my other illnesses, and helping my sister get ready to go away to school! 😦  I may be short on posts this week, but hopefully that will mean I have more time to think of some good topics! Again, please check out my video because it is very honest – and if you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions I would love to hear it! Thanks for dropping by!

ED Update: Denial, or No Denial? That is The Question!

~ BellaX0


2 thoughts on “An Overdue Post on ED

  1. hey BellaXo, it was lovely to hear you talk on your video 🙂 I have a few thoughts on denial and I can really relate to how you describe things for yourself right now, when you mention thinking along the lines of ‘I don’t really have a problem’ and ‘I can do whatever I want’ I’m also super busy at the moment and am actually telling myself similar ‘I don’t have a problem right now’ things at the moment so your post is very timely for me! I am personally just doing my best in terms of making sure I eat regularly, aiming not to have four hours between meals, getting three meals in a day, and getting three snacks in if I can too. I find that this is a concrete, practical thing for me to do. I know if I don’t do this, unfortunately things do tend to get out of hand for me, so I have to be vigilant right now… Does that help or resonate with you at all? I also think that denial happens without me being aware of it, because that is the nature of denial so i try and remember that sometimes I just need to accept the advice and insight from someone I trust instead of listening to my own thoughts. So, if your dietician has concerns I would definitely say its a good idea to talk to her about them, listen to her, see if you can incorporate her advice. If you need a second opinion maybe there is a doctor or nurse or someone else on your team that you can also check in with? or bring a friend or family member with you to also hear what the dietician is telling you so that you have a fresh pair of ears to help you understand, reflect on what she is advising, and seeing. Hope that helps a little xx sending support 🙂 Em

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    1. Em, I’m glad it was a good post for you with good timing. Your right, denial just kind of sneaks up and you don’t even realize. I think that might be what’s going on for me and yes! That makes sense to listen to other people and get their opinions of your having a hard time figuring it out for yourself. Thanks so much for your support and advice! It is much appreciated and I wish you the very best. Stay strong love! 💜😊

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