My Coping Skills Book!

Hello loves! I thought I would share with you my coping skills book that is great to use if you are experiencing any sort of overwhelming emotion. It is both easy and fun to make. I received the idea originally from my friend gracefulaesthetic. She has a lot of great coping skills if you want to check out her blog – enjoy! 🙂


3 thoughts on “My Coping Skills Book!

  1. Wow! A mini photo album? What a great idea! And so easy to make because all the pockets are right there, and you just slide in your personal coping cards. And, because of its size, you can take it with you anywhere. I love it!

    One of my sons was sent to anger management classes as a child. Every waking moment, he had to wear an Angry Backpack, complete with stationery to write angry letters, a phone book to rip apart, and a pillow to punch. These were his coping skills. He has definitely learned to control his temper as he has gotten

    Thanks for making the video of your excellent coping skills book!


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