How I Get Through My Day With Chronic Illness

Good morning everyone! Today I thought I would share with you a little bit about how I go through my day and what items and such are helpful for me in dealing with Dysautonomia, POTS and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. There is A LOT that I have to do and keep track of each day to help myself feel the best that I can. For those of you struggling with any of these issues or problems that are similar, I hope that these ideas can help you out!

1. Medication


This is a picture of all the medication that I take throughout the day for my chronic illness . Some are homeopathic medications and others are regular, prescription medications. For POTS, I take quarter of a pill of atenolol (a beta blocker to help lower heart rate), fludrocortisone (to help my body retain salt), ketotifen (to help with Mast Cell Activation and inflammation), and homeopathic medications for pituitary, adrenal, and hypothalamus, a botanical mix, and vitamin C. I take medicine about four times a day-It is NOT fun and it is a lot to keep track of. I did not include my psychiatric meds that I need to take on top of that, but all of these medications work to help me feel the best that I possibly can.

2. Compression Stockings


Above is a picture of my compression stockings that I often wear during the day. These really help het blood flow through my body and prevent the blood from pooling down at my feet, making me feel light headed and dizzy while standing. These are great to have if you suffer from POTS or orthostatic intolerance.

3. Gatorade


At least once during the day I will drink G2. This is good to have because it helps me with two problems: POTS and my eating disorder. The electrolytes are very important for me to get because of the amount of dizziness I typically experience, and it is a drink that contains some calories which is helpful for my eating disorder. When I am in the thick of my ED, I refuse to drink anything except water, so this is a great challenge for me.

4. Nuun Tablets


I first had these when I was in treatment in Arizona for my eating disorder. They are great! Nuuns are round flavored tablets that you put in your water. They dissolve in liquid and add electrolytes and quite a bit of salt into your water. Salt is a crucial part of a POTS patient’s diet. These tablets come in multiple different flavors and taste really good!

4. Salt


Yes…this is a strange picture of me with a bottle of salt. Anyways, as I previously mentioned salt is a very important aspect of your diet if you struggle with POTS. You need A LOT of it. Although the salt from the Nuun tablets is helpful, that alone is not nearly enough. For people with POTS or orthostatic intolerance, it is suggested that they take salt pills, and add salt to almost everything that they eat. I have never been a huge fan of adding salt to my food, but it has become something that I have just had to get used to.

So those are the 4 main things that I use to get through my day at home with my chronic illness. When I go out places that require quite a bit of walking, I have a walker that I use. What I included in this post, however, are methods and items that I have found the most helpful through my journey with chronic illness. When it comes to dealing with invisible illnesses, there is A LOT of trial and error, and I am still in a phase of trying different things and figuring everything out. That is why I am going to the Cleveland Clinic this coming September. That being said, I have tried different medications and things that HAVE, in fact, helped me, and I wanted to share some of these ideas with all of you. I hope this was a helpful post! Have a wonderful day and keep fighting! 🙂


7 thoughts on “How I Get Through My Day With Chronic Illness

  1. I have the best and most determined friend out there and I am so lucky! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this Claire! Even though on some levels I cannot relate, this blog really helps me to understand what you are going through! LOVE YOU!

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  2. Have you tried an alternative pharmacy like PillPack? They prepack your meds into packets by dose, then send them to you in a dispenser (kinda like a tissue box). So much easier to keep track of!

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