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Hello lovelies! Happy Friday! Today I thought I would kick off the weekend by writing a post about playlists. When it comes to fighting through anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder, music has become my saving grace. On my iphone, I created various playlists for certain events, circumstances, and how I am feeling. The three playlists of mine that I want to share with you today include my Recovery Playlist, Calm |Sleep Playlist, and My Favorites Playlist-just for fun! Music can be such a great tool to have and can almost always lift my spirits when I am in a funk.

Recovery Playlist – this is a very important playlist for me. I created this while I was in a partial treatment program for my eating disorder because music is a great way to express yourself…it is very relatable. I found that after a long day of re-feeding and working hard in therapy, it would help me to come home and listen to music to help calm myself and wind down for the day. Music that mimicked what I was going through and that was inspirational and mellow I found the most helpful. There were days, however, that I came home stressed and angry and just needed to listen to something more intense-and that is okay too! Below is a list of some of my favorite music for going through the ups and downs of the recovery process.

1. Beautiful -Christina Aguilera

2. I Won’t Give Up -Jason Mraz

3. Skyscraper -Demi Lovato

4. Let It Go (from Frozen of course!) If that song cannot cheer you up or inspire you I don’t know what can! 🙂

5. Be Still -The Fray

6. You Are More -Tenth Avenue North

7. By Your Side -Tenth Avenue North

8. Nightingale -Demi Lovato

9. People Help the People -Birdy

10. Warrior -Demi Lovato

11. Ordinary Miracle -Sarah McLachlan

12. Keep Breathing -Ingrid Michaelson

13. F**kin’ Perfect -P!nk

14. My Wish -Rascal Flatts

15. Satellite Call -Sarah Bareilles

16. Wonderful World -Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

17. Fight Song -Rachel Platten

18. Try -Colbie Caillat

19. Chasing the Sun -Sara Bareilles

20. Invisible -Skylar Grey

21. Hercules -Sara Bareilles

22. Dark Side -Kelly Clarkson

23. Chandelier -Sia

24. Flashlight -Jessie J

25. All About that Bass -Meghan Trainor

Calm |Sleep Playlist – One year for Christmas my mother bought me a CD of all instrumental music that is supposed to support positive thinking and calmness. I listen to this all of the time whenever I feel myself panic or if I am REALLY stressed out, anxious, or upset. It also helps me to sleep at night, as well! The music is so nice and relaxing- a life saver!

1. Music To Inspire Positive Thinking -Scientifically Designed by Dr. Lee R. Bartel

Lastly, I will share with you some of my most recent, favorite songs! I listen to this playlist whenever! I can be happy, sad, busy, or bored. I love this playlist because it consists of all of my favorites!

1. Faster -Matt Nathanson

2. Bad Blood -Taylor Swift

3. Stuck Like Glue -Sugerland

4. King of Anything -Sara Bareilles

5. Brave -Sara Bareilles

6. Mr. Brightside -The Killers

7. A Million Lives -Jake Miller

8. I Choose You -Sara Bareilles

9. Be My Forever – Christina Perry and Ed Sheeran

10. Girls Chase Boys -Ingrid Michaelson

11. Let Me In -Grouplove

12. Boom Clap -Charli XCX

13. Peace -O.A.R

14. Home -Ingrid Michaelson

15. Secrets -Mary Lambert

16. FourFiveSeconds -Rihanna and Kanye West and Paul McCartney

17. Thinking Out Loud -Ed Sheeran

18. Hold Me Down -Halsey

19. Force of Nature -Bea Miller

20. Young Blood -Bea Miller

If you actually read through this kind of long post, you will find that I like A LOT of different kinds of music. I have a little bit of everything. But I LOVE that-because I never get bored of the same things! I hope this was a helpful post or one that was interesting to read and did not put you to sleep! Anyways, have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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