Setting Goals

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a good day 🙂

So today I am going to talk a little bit about goals…

It all started yesterday. I had an appointment with my psychologist yesterday afternoon, which I was nervous about, because our appointments seem to not be going anywhere lately. This appointment, however, was different and for the better, too! We talked about my medical condition, how doctors seem to not be helping me recently, going back to school, and my anxiety and depression that has been flaring up. I do not recall if I have mentioned this before, but ever since I came back home from treatment I have not been driving myself places. Between the dizziness and tremors that I experience combined with intense anxiety, I have avoided driving all together. Basically I have had a lot of freedom and independence taken away from me for almost a year now. Well, yesterday my psychologist brought up the fact that I have not driven a car in a long time. She told me that I know the times when I am feeling okay, and that sometime during those times I should practice driving my car around town. Not far-and only for about 5 minutes or so. Just the idea made my stomach turn. Panic attacks and physiological symptoms have caused problems on the road for me in the past, and going back to that place is scary. But I knew she was right. I need to start taking my life back whenever I can, one step at a time. So that day when I returned home from my appointment I was feeling sad, discouraged, and just down all together. It was then that I decided to take the car out for a drive. I needed to do this. I was almost trembling leaving my driveway, but once I did I felt a huge relief-like a giant weight was lifted off my shoulders. I drove for about three minutes and when I pulled back into my driveway I had a meltdown. I could not believe that after nearly a year of not driving a car I was able to combat my anxiety and get in the car. It may seem like something silly, but to me it is a HUGE accomplishment and it felt so good to feel like I did in fact, accomplish a concrete goal that I set with my therapist.


Now I want to try to set more miniature goals for myself; ones that I know I will be able to accomplish. The key to setting goals, I have figured out, is to start off small. Like I always did in the past, you should not set a bunch of large or complicated goals for yourself, especially while you are in a fragile or vulnerable place in your life. It is so important to start yourself off with small goals, ones that are not too big and that you know you will be able to achieve. That way, you can feel successful in the beginning of your process and eventually work your way up to accomplishing even bigger goals.

believe you can

Tell me: what are some goals that you are working on? Did you accomplish any goals you set for yourself recently? How do you feel when you achieve something you didn’t think you could? I would love to hear from you!


4 thoughts on “Setting Goals

  1. You go girl! I hate driving! I need to re-learn so you’re inspiring me!:) ❤ Goals are so important – for me writing down goals and giving myself deadlines of when they need to be done (in little steps) helps keep me on track. there's a great mark twain quote about how the best way to accomplish a big task is to break it into small manageable steps!:) ❤

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  2. 🙂 yay! well done you on getting the car out for a spin x that’s a massive achievement 🙂 I’m funny with goals, I guess sticking to regular eating and not weighing myself are my current on-going daily goals. I am also meant to be filling in and sharing a relapse prevention plan for tomorrow!! but I’m in bed and have procrastinated today and yesterday so I better get to it right now!! 😉 x Em

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