My Top Ten Things To Do When Feeling Sad

Hello everyone! With the combination of my extended family leaving, my little sister leaving for two weeks to sail 420 boats at Nationals, and summer being halfway over I have been feeling kind of down lately. Not only that, but being tired and sick has not helped my mood either. So I figured that making a post on how to cheer yourself up when you are feeling sad might be appropriate. Below is my list of things to do if you aren’t feeling your best!

1. Sit down and watch your favorite (preferably cheerful or funny) movie

2. Hug your favorite stuffed animal

3. Listen to happy, upbeat music and sing or dance along!

4. Drink a warm cup of tea…or have a glass of wine-whichever you prefer!

5. Wear your favorite clothes that are comfortable and make you feel good

6. Cuddle with your pet (if you have one)

7. Go for a walk or a run…Although I am unable to run now, I used to run a lot when I was feeling sad or anxious and it really helped me to feel better. If you are not into running, try going for a walk outside. Walking is a good way to blow off some steam and escape for a while.

8. Go outside and sit in the sun…nothing like some vitamin D to cheer you up

9. Smile 🙂

10. Text or call a friend


So those are my top ten go-to’s for when I am feeling down. I hope this post was helpful for anyone who may be experiencing the mid-summer blues. Take good care of yourselves and have a great day! xx


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