A Few of My Favorite Things

This morning was kind of a sad morning for me. My aunt, uncle, and little cousin left to go back home after staying with us for three weeks. Although it will be nice to have everything calm down, I have to say I will really miss having them around. In honor of my family having been in town, I thought I would make a post with all of my favorite activities and events that I did with my aunt, uncle, and cousin while they stayed with us.


#1. Taking my cousin tubing was a lot of fun! I personally did not go tubing, but I did ride on the motor boat while he was tossed around in the water. It was a hot day, and that cool breeze from the fast boat ride felt so good. I felt like I was flying!

#2. Our beach day last weekend was wonderful! It was a warm, sunny day and the water felt so good. I also road on a paddle board while my sister was using it, which was a lot of fun. I was able to talk with a family friend of ours who suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome and she was super helpful. I sat in the sun, played in the sand, lied in the hammock, and had a great time with my family :). It turned out to be a very tiring day for me-but so worth it!

#3. Going out to lunch with my mom and aunt the other day was really nice. There is a new restaurant in town with a yoga studio attached. In the restaurant they serve all natural and organic foods including Paninis, wraps, smoothies, juices, and other baked goods, which looked delicious. I split a Greek grilled chicken Panini with my mom and had a strawberry banana blend smoothie…both were soooo good!! We had a great time chatting and I was able to hear some stories about my great grandparents who passed away when I was just a baby. It was during this lunch date that we decided to plan a family reunion in Cooperstown, NY for next summer. We are all very excited about it, seeing as our last family reunion was 8 years ago!

#4. Last night while my parents and sisters were at a wedding, I stayed home and had a movie night with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. We ordered a pizza, watched the movie The Giver, and played a game of Yahtzee…which my aunt won. We ended up pausing the movie about halfway through because of the beautiful sunset over the Niagara River. We all went out to watch it and take pictures.


Once we finished the movie, my uncle took us all out for ice cream-and surprisingly I was not afraid to get some! I ordered their home made black raspberry custard and it was delicious. So glad I went!

So those are some of my favorite times I spent with my family over the last three weeks. That’s all for today-hope you all have a fabulous Sunday!


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