Pushing For My Appointment

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

So this morning I had an appointment with an electrophysiologist because my doctor wanted me to wear a halter monitor to track my heart rate. My mom and I hopped in the car early this morning and drove 40 minutes to the doctor, just to find out that they did not input our appointment in their system. I almost wasn’t seen and we were about to turn around and drive all the way home-basically going out there for nothing. Not only did they tell me that I did not have an appointment scheduled, (which I did) but they also told me that I did not need to be seen. Luckily my mother was with me and asked to talk to the office manager. Long story short, I did not see the doctor, but they did put the halter monitor on me and I have to keep it on for 24 hours. I wanted to share this story because because it is not uncommon for this type of thing to happen with those suffering from Dysautonomia, POTS, or any other ‘invisible illness.’ It hurt to be told that I did not need to be seen. Now I know they were not expecting me to show up for an appointment…but nonetheless, it still felt like a punch in the stomach. For my friends who suffer from POTS or any other chronic, invisible illness, I just want to tell you that sometimes you are going to have to fight for what you want and need, especially in the doctor’s office. Not everyone (doctors included) understand your illness and what you are going through. That being said, do not let this stop you from getting the help that you need and deserve. Stay strong and keep pushing forward lovelies < 3



One thought on “Pushing For My Appointment

  1. Three cheers for Mom! When the time & energy you both expended this morning was almost for naught, your mom came through as a great advocate for you. Everyone needs a supporter. You are blessed to have her by your side! Go Mom!

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