True To You

As many of you already know, I was very excited to take my self and self-esteem psychology course this summer. So yesterday I went to class, both a little nervous and excited, not knowing what to expect. What I really did NOT expect was for me to end up dropping the class that night.


This course was supposed to be three hours long. However, since yesterday was the first day it ran a short hour and a half. I was doing well in the beginning, but towards the end I started feeling a little shaky and losing a lot of my concentration; it became very difficult for me to exert the mental capacity needed to comprehend and understand what my professor was talking about. I left the class stressed over the homework due later this week and nervous about my ability to successfully complete the course. I went back and forth for a while not knowing what to do; do I push myself to take this course and muscle through it, or do I drop it and take it at another time? I was lost. I felt like if I dropped the course I would be letting people down, and I still have that small fear in the back of my head. What I have to remember, though, is this: no one else is walking in my shoes. I ultimately need to do what is best for me and not make my decisions based on what other people think or what I think I SHOULD be able to do. As human beings we can only do so much. We may expect or plan for something, but that does not mean that it will always work out the way we hoped. Promises are not always kept, plans will fall through…basically life happens and gets in our way sometimes. That being said, we do not need to let it get the best of us. If you fall down, you need to pick yourself back up and do whatever you can to keep moving forward by doing what is best for you. Only you know your limitations and what you are capable of doing. Like the picture above states, no one else is walking in your shoes. Listen to yourself and your body, and trust your gut-you know best.


4 thoughts on “True To You

  1. Claire, I am so proud of you for going to that first class yesterday. It took a lot of courage to even show up for it after you’d been away from school for a year. I am also proud of you for being brave enough to drop the class. You were true to yourself when you carefully weighed the pros and cons. Good for you. Besides, summer classes are especially demanding because they are condensed. Perhaps a fall semester class or two would work better for you. Keep that positive attitude you radiate here in your blog. You’ll know when you are ready!🌷

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  2. Be gentle with yourself! Good for you ❤ Have you thought about completing some courses online? I finished my undergrad online and now I'm at NYU grad school. You are SO young and have plenty of time to complete your degrees when you feel better. It took me many years to do my undergrad but who cares! 🙂 We all have our own path. XO

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