I’m A Mama!

Hello everyone! Happy 4th of July!

So just a little while ago I received some very exciting news: I am getting a puppy in the begininng of September! A King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and I am soooo excited. We have been receiving e-mails from the breeder about how the mother (Pebbles) has been doing and when the puppies will be expected. Well, to all of our surprises the puppies were born early this morning! There are two girls and three boys which is perfect because I was hoping for a female puppy. The breeder sent us a picture of the litter and the puppies are too cute!


The picture above is of the two girls. It will be so hard for me to chose between the two, since they are equally as adorable and possibly just as sweet. Anyways, I am thrilled this fourth of July and so happy to say that I am a mama to one of these pups :).

Hope you all have a fabulous 4th of July!


6 thoughts on “I’m A Mama!

  1. Awwwwwwww 🙂 she is a little cav puppy!!! so sweeeeeet!!!!! ❤ Cavaliers are wonderful! I've never had one myself but I've minded a few and we've had a few in the dog shelter where I used to volunteer and they are beautiful, fun loving, joyful hearted little guys 🙂

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