A Thought for A Tuesday

The quote for June 30th in Demi Lovato’s book staying strong is this: “We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us” -Joseph Campbell.


As we go into the new month of July, I encourage everyone to take this quote in and really reflect on it. This statement could not be more true. I know that I have gone through my life planning out everything. I would think for hours and carefully plan out every move and decision that I made; the schools I wanted to attend, the majors I chose to study, how long it would take me to go through school, what I would do right after I graduate, and the list could go on and on. Little did I know back then that life would get in the way of all of my carefully layed out plans. As it turns out, my college years did NOT go as I expected, and now I am just starting to accept that it is okay. Not everyone shares the same experiences and walks along the same path; everyone is on their own journey. It is okay to not finish school within the “normal” amount of time. It is okay to switch majors, to take time off to find yourself when you begin to get lost. I used to think there was a “right” and a “wrong” way to go through life. It has taken me years to even BEGIN to realize that there is no RIGHT or WRONG way-there are so, so many ways to approach and look at life. Not everything is just black or white. Through my time in treatment I have learned that there is a lot of grey area that we sometimes forget about because society seems to dictate what is okay and what is not, what is normal and what is abnormal, what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’. The truth is, there are many more colors in life than just black and white. We need to open our eyes and hearts to all of the opportunities available to us. Just because we did not expect something to happen in our lives does not mean that we need to get down about it. We must take what has been given to us and work with it. So, as we move into July try to recognize all of the beautiful gifts and opportunities awaiting you that you might not have noticed before. Take the time to see everything around you and work with what you already have. Just because something does not go as you planned, that does not mean that God does not already have a different plan put in place for you. Be open to all of the various possibilitites.


3 thoughts on “A Thought for A Tuesday

  1. I had a teenage fantasy that I would marry either Parker Stevenson or Robby Benson (tv/movie stars). Although I was really sincere in my belief, I sort of knew in the back of my mind that it might not happen.

    Not so for all the rest of my ambitions, however. They were absolutely going to happen. They were going to be my life story.

    First, I was going to be a cheerleader. I did try out but, alas…not a chance. How could this be happening to me? I know I couldn’t do a split, but cheerleader was part of my life plan!

    Next, I was going to join the Peace Corps. Two years volunteering in some foreign jungle to help people in dire straits? I was eager to dig a ditch or a well to get clean drinking water! I even had an interview…but was told I had the wrong major. Seriously? Do people actually major in digging?

    My next goal was my ultimate dream job: I was going to be a bank president! I love banks…all those bankers in their offices doing important things. For years and years I had planned to end up being a bank president. And this time, I had the RIGHT major: Economics. Well, that wasn’t meant to be, either. None of the management training programs I applied for wanted me, although one said I could be a teller. Bank teller? No! I wanted to be a bank president!

    With that dream out the window, I had to get a Swiss husband so I could live in Switzerland, where the beautiful mountains are. I encountered many Swiss-passport-holding men at my job, but none took the bait.

    Lastly, it was my dream to have four daughters. We’d be lined up, all five of us wearing matching dresses! We’d be adorable! Naturally, as each of my three babies was delivered, the doctor said every time, “It’s a boy!”

    So here’s how it went down: No cheerleading, but I can cheer from the stands. No Peace Corps, but I can volunteer in my neighborhood. No bank presidency, but I can skip the ATM and go inside to smile at all the bankers in their offices while the teller I could have been helps me. I get to live with my American husband in Colorado, where the mountains are arguably just as pretty as in Switzerland. And no matter what my three crazy sons do, I just keep on loving them every day.


  2. It’s so werid but so wonderful how life works out in ways that we don’t expect. We spend so much time worrying about what will happen, but it is so true that God/the universe has a plan for us all.

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