Beauty Remains


In Demi Lovato’s book Staying Strong, the quote of the day for June 22 is this: “The pain passes, but the beauty remains” -Pierre August Renoir. This quote really made me stop and think. Last night I was having a really difficult time, feeling depressed and anxious and just having super negative, unhelpful thoughts. Although this pain seemed to last forever because it felt almost excruciating, it did not last forever. It passed. It might not have passed as quickly as I would have liked it to, but eventually I calmed down and could think rationally again. In fact, something very good came from that meltdown I had: I texted a friend of mine and we went back and forth texting positive things to each other. She really helped me. I am so grateful that she was available for me to talk to…the beauty of the situation remained, but the pain is now gone. In life when we experience difficult times, all we can really see is the suffering. What we do not realize in the moment is that something wonderful will eventually come from the pain and hard times. Before I went away to treatment, I would have never thought that anything good could have come from my eating disorder. Now I see that there IS good that has come from it, and I can take comfort in the fact that I have grown stronger as a person. Our lives are full of ups and downs, but we can only go up from the ‘downs’ that we experience. So, if your having a bad day or facing a challenging part of your life, remember that there is beauty just waiting to blossom from the pain; the pain will pass, and that beauty will last forever.

Have a good day everyone < 3


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