Perfectly Imperfect

Good morning lovelies and happy Fathers Day! I hope you all had a great weekend! I know I did…yesterday was a busy and long day for me, but despite how tiring it was in the end I had a wonderful time. I spent yesterday afternoon with my best friend. We decided to go to lunch and then make some crafts at her house while watching a movie. I ordered an omlet and ate almost the whole thing! So, for that I am going to give myself credit because I have to admit I was nervous about lunch. However, with the company and support of my friend it ended up being fine!


When we got to her house, we made another calming jar to try to perfect our original project even more. It did turn out better than our initial jars (which I have an earlier post on how to make them-if your interested check it out! The title is “De-Stress this Weekend”). That being said, one of the main lessons that I took away from our afternoon is that it is OKAY to NOT be perfect. Even though my calming jar turned out better than my first one, it still wasnt exactly how I wanted it to be. At first it was really bothering me and I kept trying to fix it, but eventually I just stopped because, well, what was the point? I know for me, almost everything I do is never good enough because I want things to be perfect (by my own standards, of course). But yesterday I let my guard down and settled with just ‘good enough.’ Not only did we make calming jars, but we also bought canvases with patterns on them and painted it. Thanks to POTS, my hands were very shaky and I noticed that I was having a very hard time staying within the pattern lines. It was then that I thought, you know what, I will just paint and let my hand shake and see what comes from it! So I did. I was not fully satisfied with final work of art, but I was able to acknowledge that and then let my perfectionistic judgements go. Painting the canvas wasnt about trying to make a masterpiece; I know I am no artist, that is for sure. Working on this painting was about letting go and having a good time with my friend and just really enjoying her company. Who cares if my art did not turn out the way I wanted or hoped? The most important thing was that I had a good time, and I had a blast. I even noticed that I could laugh at my art instead of just getting frustrated and down about it.


When I look at my picture now, it looks like I was carefree and had a good time while making it, and I did. So, that is all that counts. Don’t strive for perfection because it doesnt exist. If you let go, have fun, and settle for ‘good enough’, you will find that it makes life much more interesting and beautiful-enjoy the ride! xx


One thought on “Perfectly Imperfect

  1. What a fabulous day you two had!! Your painting is delightful…I love all the different colors! Your description of your hand shaking and being unable to stay on the pattern lines reminds me of my 89 year-old father. He is an artist and when he had a stroke a few years ago, his right side was affected and the only thing he’d ever known was taken from him–his ability to draw and paint. His occupational therapist told this right-handed man to write his name with his left hand. Well, it was quite a struggle because he could barely hold a pencil in his left hand, let alone form even the first letter of his name. My frustrated father asked the therapist to hold still, and he proceeded to draw her portrait…with his left hand! It was shaky at first, but as he continued, you’d never know it was done with his non-dominant hand. He had his groove back! “How did you do that with your left hand?” I asked him. He replied, “It’s not in the hand…it’s in the eye!” So paint on, Bella, and remember…the artists are the ones who refuse to stay in the lines!

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