Dear Me…

Dear fellow bloggers and online friends,

This week was not the best one for me, and I have been feeling pretty sick lately. For the past two days I have pratically been bedridden…sore, tired, achy, dizzy and long sleepless nights on top of that. Even though I have been feeling down the last couple of days, I am not going to let my illness get the best of me.

dear me

The good news is this: I may be able to get back into school this summer and take a summer class! It is a psychology class called self and self-esteem, and I am actually really excited! I meet with the person who grants disability status next week. That way, I can park closer to the building, I dont have to worry about walking so far, AND I could have notes taken for me (since my hands are shaky most of the time and my writing is illegible…not only that but it hurts to hold a pen for 20 minutes let alone almost three hours!). The class will be two times a week. I am hoping this will work out really well. I am not ready to take on a full load of courses, but I need to keep plugging along with my degree and desparately need something else to keep me motivated. So even though my body is unpredictable and hurting, I do have something to look forward to and something to keep me fighting hard. Like the note above states, “Please don’t forget to breathe deeply. Remember to be gentle with yourself.” Sometimes in situations and times such as these, the best you can do is breathe and take care of yourself. Listen to your body rather than fight against it…and don’t forget to get your “fine ass outside and play (as much as you can)”, BECAUSE, “you are a beautiful soul.” Your health and life are ALWAYS worth fighting for.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekends! 🙂

much love, Claire



6 thoughts on “Dear Me…

  1. Sorry to hear your body has not been cooperating this week. The best news is found in the tone of the rest of your blog today. You sound so excited about being able to attend class! Make arrangements for whatever accommodations you need and keep up that positive attitude! Good luck!

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  2. Dearest Claire,

    You have been on my heart for the past couple months. I know this sounds crazy, but I feel like God has been encouraging me to get in touch with you, and so this is me doing that 🙂 I have been thinking about you a lot, since we crossed paths in treatment a couple summers ago. I’m not really on social media, but I am SO glad I stumbled upon your blog trying to get your contact! I want to tell you how sorry I am to hear that you’ve been going so much suffering with some pretty tough illnesses. I am really, really touched by your story. Although I have not heard of a couple of the conditions you’ve been diagnosed with, I definitely empathize with the difficulty of chronic illness, as my mom deals with an auto immune disease and I have a couple various health challenges as well. However, I am so blown away by how much you have been able to accomplish throughout these long stretches of illness! First of all, can I just say what a BEAUTIFUL writer you are? Oh my gosh, your words are so inspiring, heartfelt, and genuine! And the dedication you have put into your blog alone is so admirable! I’m so proud of you! You really carry your challenges with grace and authenticity. God has given you the gift of strength, courage, and persistence, as well as a lot of love. Some of the closest people in my life are such because they too have experienced suffering and have been made more compassionate and resilient because of it. I would love to be an encouragement to you, Claire. If you want to get in touch, you can reach out to me on Google Plus, (I think I added you to my circles, not really sure how that works lol) or you can text or call me (716) 471-4464. I would love to reconnect if possible, even if that means just sending you some encouraging emails every so often or being someone you can call 🙂 God has blessed me with so much grace and freedom since the last time we saw each other – I would love to be there for you in any way you need. Hope to hear from you, but of course, no expectations or pressure. Just thought I would put myself out there!
    With love from,
    Leah Daily

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    1. Leah,
      Wow…it is SOO good to hear from you! Thank you for sending such a sweet message. I really do appreciate that. I have been thinking of you, as well! Wondering how you are doing and everything. I would love to reconnect with you. I will try to find you through google (don’t worry I have my own challenges trying to figure out how that works, too, lol) and I will shoot you a text! I wish you the very best and hope all is well. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a nice note and look at my blog. That means a lot! Talk with you soon ❤


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