Summer Bucket List!

Good morning lovelies! Since it is practically summer, I thought I would post a mini bucket list for some of the things I would love to do and accomplish this summer (thanks to my therapist-she gave me the idea!) Because I am limited in what I can do and rarely go out unless it is some kind of doctor’s appointment, I thought this would be a good idea. So for those of you struggling with POTS, EDS, Dysautonomia, an eating disorder, or any other debilitating illness, this bucket list may just be for you!

  1. Create an art journal. When I say art journal, I mean practically anything; it can be a collection of drawings, or like the one I am starting: a book of collages based on how I am feeling that day and what is going on for me. Then, on the back of the page, I list phrases or words that reflect my collage. You could do that, or just make a book of collages that are inspiring (like a mindfulness journal). What I like about art journals is that there are no rules, expectations, or limitations. You can let your imagination soar!


  1. Make jewelry. There are lots of online tutorials that can help guide you in making necklaces with stone pendants or any kind of bracelets.


  1. Finish crocheting my sister’s blanket for college. I started crocheting a blanket for my sister’s 16th birthday, but gave up and never finished it because it became ‘too difficult.’ Well, with the help of my talented aunt I now know what I have to do to finish the quilt, so I am determined to get it done before my sister goes away to college. Then, I can give it to her as a goodbye gift. So, crochet or knit scarves or a blanket for yourself or someone else…don’t know how? Again, online tutorials and videos are a life saver if you don’t have anyone to teach you…or maybe you already know how and in that case, great! Looking for different kinds of yarn is always fun, too.


  1.  Go swimming! (Or at least relax in the water). To some of you, this one may seem a bit silly. After all, it IS summertime, and it is hot, so why wouldn’t you go in the water? Well some of my eating disorder friends may understand this one. Last year I was so self-conscious and consumed with anxiety and depression that I did not go in the water ONCE…and I LIVE on the water! Well that is going to change this summer. I am going to go down to my dock, lie out in the sun, and go swimming. Life is too short to worry about what other people might think of you or how you look in your bathing suit. In fact, no one is probably even paying attention because most people are just consumed with themselves anyways. Typically, the only people who worry about that type of thing are, in fact, ourselves; we are our own worst critics. So get out and enjoy the sunshine and warm (or cool-depending on where you live) water!


  1. Play with sparklers…who wouldn’t want to play with sparklers?! They are so fun and easy…it reminds me of being a kid again dancing around in the dark with them and writing my name in cursive. Bring back some of that inner child and dance, write, or draw with sparklers.


  1. Eat a S’more…okay…some of you may be thinking this does not belong on a bucket list…but it sure does belong on MY bucket list, and maybe on the bucket lists of others out there with eating disorders, as well. Personally, I have no problem roasting a few marshmallows and eating those, but when it comes to s’mores I have always stayed away. So this summer I will have a s’more: with the graham cracker, chocolate, AND marshmallow…and I will enjoy every bit of it!


  1. Go strawberry picking. This is always a fun activity. Again, one I used to do when I was a kid. I remember eating more strawberries than I picked because they were so good! But it is a fun activity to do with friends or family outside, especially if you’re a strawberry lover like I am 🙂


  1. Read (and finish) a new novel. This is always a good challenge for me. I am the type of person who starts a bunch of books but rarely finishes them. This summer I am going to read straight through one good novel. Summer is the best time to read some good books for pleasure, so I encourage you to get out a book you have been dying to read and dive right in!


  1. Work on getting my eating disorder Hope Journal published…Yes, I have written a prompted journal for those in recovery from eating disorders and I am in the works of trying to get it published. This is one of my major goals for the summer and a project that has been close to my heart.


  1. Go to a beach. Well, why not? Beaches are fun! (Soothing and relaxing too). Simple as that 🙂


  1. Get a Henna tattoo. If you aren’t into the real thing, henna tattoos could be the option for you! I loved getting my previous henna tattoos-the designs are so cool. This summer I plan on getting more… my sister has her own henna tattoo kit! You can find a bunch of different DIY kits at Barnes and Noble. There are other places you could get it done, too, like at festivals or street fairs if they offer it. The tattoos are super cute and slowly fade over the weeks. So if you want a tattoo but are still kind of walking the fence, try henna! Summer is the perfect time to flaunt awesome body art :).


  1. Color your hair. Summer is a great time to try things you normally wouldn’t do. Mix it up a bit and streak your hair with some different colors! There are many ways you can color your hair. For one, you can use kool aid…seriously-it works! It lasts for about three weeks. You can also buy hair chalk and use that-it washes right out! OR go to a salon and get colors put in professionally. One summer I went to my hair salon and asked for pink streaks in my hair…I loved it!


  1. Go to an outdoor concert. Because it is a concert outdoors…where in many places is only do-able in the summer. Need I say more?


  1. Go for a sail. If you live by the water or have access to it at all, I highly suggest you try this one out. My family owns a sailboat, but last year I was so wrapped up in my eating disorder and felt so awful that whenever my dad asked if I wanted to go out for a sail I turned it down…which is so silly because there is a dock with our sailboat right in our backyard. I didn’t use it once last summer. That is going to change this year; no matter how I feel I am going to make it out at least ONCE on our sailboat. The great thing is that depending on the size or type of boat, you can just go for a joy ride and relax, or you can get a workout. If you don’t like sailing or don’t have access to sailboat, go out on a motor boat ride! That is equally as fun with minimal effort involved :).


  1. Make your own smoothie. When I had my wisdom teeth removed and I couldn’t eat solid food, I relied on our silver bullet for smoothies. If you have a silver bullet or any other kind of blender, this is always a fun experiment to try out. I love coming up with my own smoothie recipes, making my own concoctions and then taste testing them! My favorite one that I made from scratch I call “Orange Creamsicle.” If you aren’t into making your own, you can always look up different smoothie recipes online or on Pinterest if you have a Pinterest account.

Well that’s my summer bucket list! I hope sharing this with you sparked some ideas for your own summer bucket lists. If you have a bucket list, what is on yours? What are you looking forward to this summer? Was this post helpful? Do you like these kinds of posts? I would love to hear from you!


Have a wonderful day everyone 🙂





One thought on “Summer Bucket List!

  1. Hey, I loved your Summer Bucket List!! Sounds like you’ll be busy! I couldn’t read it yesterday because I had no internet…we went camping for a few days. We went on a hike, watched the stars and planets through a telescope, and ate s’mores!! So I got to do one thing on your bucket list (s’mores), and one thing on mine: camping! I’ve also done something I’ve wanted to do for many years, but was afraid: I joined a book club! It’s with my sisters-in-law and nieces, so there is nothing to fear. I can’t wait to get started on our first book! Summer is the perfect time!

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