30 Day Gratitude Challenge: Day #24

24. I am grateful for people’s kind and genuine intentions. It is so nice to be around people who truly love and care about you and have nothing but good intentions. That is not always a common thing, so whenever I see or experience that I am very grateful.

Intentions. What are you grateful for? Please share!


One thought on “30 Day Gratitude Challenge: Day #24

  1. 24. I am grateful for this blog. It is sincerely written with the intention that others may be helped from the experience of the author. What does that say about a person? The genuine concern shown on each page and words to guide readers’ actions and lift their spirits from suffering are incredible. It brings a sense of community so no one has to go through this alone. That is true selflessness. Thank you for your compassionate intentions, BellaXO!

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