30 Day Gratitude Challenge: Day # 21

21. Passion. I am grateful for having the opportunity to grow up skiing and sailing with my family. Skiing is my favorite sport and I am so thankful to have been able to do that. My other passion has been acting and performing and for that I am forever grateful. Now, one of my biggest passions is writing and I am blessed to be able to do that, especially with my other limitations.

What are your passions that you are grateful for? Please share!!


One thought on “30 Day Gratitude Challenge: Day # 21

  1. 21. My passion is helping people! I’ve wanted to serve in Haiti for years, but my duties as a mother came first. So for many years, I have passionately volunteered at organizations I call my Haiti at Home while waiting for my kids to grow up. One of my kids has served on many missions far away that I would have loved to go on. But I was told it’s not my time. So I wait. And I volunteer in my own community. My time will come. Until then, I am grateful for my passion. And I will bloom where I am planted.

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