30 Day Gratitude Challenge: Day #10


10. Quiet. I am just grateful for quiet and peaceful moments in general. This world we live in can be so loud and busy all of the time, so I enjoy moments that are low key and quiet, especially when I can be out in nature. It is nice to get away from the “hussle and bussle” every once in a while and recharge. 

Are you grateful for the quiet? I would love to hear from you! 


2 thoughts on “30 Day Gratitude Challenge: Day #10

  1. 10. Quiet, for busy people, is a reprieve, a time to make the craziness stop. It might be a mother of three boys who has resorted to sitting in a closet to get a moment of peace. For those who are not busy, it is different. Quiet might be that same mother years later, soon to become an empty-nester, getting a glimpse of her lonely future in the silence. She needs something to fill the void. Quiet can be bliss, or it can be isolation.

    A story: When I was a kid, I hated being in the library. I loved to take books home to read, but in the library itself, we were supposed to be quiet. I hated quiet. That was no fun. I was loud! When I became a mother, the clamor of children at home was incessant, so I loved being in the library. It wasn’t me who was telling the children they had to be quiet–it was the rule. And it was wonderful. No wonder my mother took all my siblings and me to the library so often!

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