30 Day Gratitude Challenge: Day #8 MEMORIAL DAY


7. Family and Friends…there couldnt be a more perfect topic of gratitude for this day. I am grateful to be spending memorial day with my family…my mother, my dad, sisters, and two aunts. I am happy that we can all gather together in our home where my dad and his sisters all grew up. That being said, memorial day has never really felt “right” or “complete” since my grandpa passed about five years ago. Memorial day was the last time I saw him, and he was happy and healthy. A few days later he was gone. Even though he will not be physically present with the rest of us today, he will be with us all spiritually and in our hearts, and for that I am grateful. Happy Memorial Day everyone!  ***Miss you Buck ❤

Are you grateful for any specific family or friends? If so, please share!


One thought on “30 Day Gratitude Challenge: Day #8 MEMORIAL DAY

  1. 8. Family=Friends. Friends=Family. To celebrate the best times and to carry us through the worst times, we turn to our family and friends. Celebrate with them, and carry them through. We are in this together.

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