The Voice Poem

Ive never had a voice before

I’ve been searching-there must be something deep in my core

Afraid to talk

Afraid to speak out

Feeling tightness in my chest where I just need to shout

“I want to be heard”, “listen to me”

But the scars on my arms is all that is seen

I feel relief as the blood drips out 

This doesn’t seem right, there has to be another route

Panicked, paralyzed in fear

I search for words that can never appear

Gasping for breath I try to share

Words that are hidden, but just barely there 


8 thoughts on “The Voice Poem

  1. You have a voice now. It is aptly named, alwayshc3pe. And I hear you; I’m listening. There is another route. Let’s take it together, Bella. I’m here to help. There’s always hope. 🌷

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