The Virtue of Patience

Waiting, waiting, and more waiting…that seems to be all I ever do lately. A couple weekends ago I had about 20 viles of blood drawn and have been waiting for those results. Then today I went to go get an MRI-and that was quite a long stay in the waiting room. Now, impatient as ever, I have to wait for those results to come back. I would love for someone to just give me an answer and right away. I have found myself to be so impatient lately. I am waiting for the day to come where I do not feel sore, waiting for the day to come where I am not fatigued, waiting for the day that I can leave the house and not be totally exhausted afterwards, waiting for the time to come where I am not sleeping half the day, and longing for a day without any eating disordered thoughts and OCD behaviors. What I learned from my experience as I was lying in the MRI tunnel is that I need to stop waiting and worrying so much. Everything will happen in it’s own time, and things will unfold when they are supposed to unfold. Until then, all we can do is try our best to stay in the moment, enjoy every experience we have, and give the rest of our worries, fears, and frustrations to God. Below is a great prayer to say when you are struggling with patience. Check it out! Practice patience and have a good rest of the day lovelies ❤



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