Sing Anyways


Today, there isn’t a song in my heart. It is empty, and I feel sad, alone, and helpless. I am stuck, constrained by my physical limitations…and on some days such as this one, it feels unbearable. I look outside my window and I see the sun shinging brightly on the Niagara river, and I wish I wanted to go outside. “Get some sun”, my doctor told me this morning, “It will be good for you.” But I don’t want to get any sun, I want to feel better. I want my legs to work, I want to be strong, I dont want to be dizzy, and I want to feel happiness and joy. It isn’t all of the time that I am feeling this down, it’s just one of those days I guess…one of those days where I wish I was far away, where I wish I could just buy a one way ticket to somewhere else and take off. I know that can’t happen though. Not only is it physically impossible at the moment and also irrational, but I realized that I would just be running away. From what, I am not exactly sure. All I know is that I will not find answers that way. Escaping wont solve any of my problems, and it will not make me feel better in the long run. So, even though I did not wake up with a song in my heart, I need to find one; I need to sing anyway. Even when we feel like giving up, we have to remember that God has a plan for us, and we need to let life take it’s course. There are some things in this life that we just cannot control, so even when you are feeling sad and hopeless, and there is no song in your heart, try to find one and sing anyway. Things will turn around and your life will become brighter again. Keep fighting everyone ❤


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