Your Body is an Instrument


I love this quote-because it is so true. I went to go get blood drawn this morning for my doctors and when I saw how many viles of blood they had to take my anxiety sky rocketed…It must have been 20 viles or over. The phlebotomist told me that although it was a lot, people who donate blood give quite a bit more. How amazing is it that people not only want to do things like that, but have the ABILITY to donate blood to help others? Our bodies are capable of so much. I dont even think about the tasks that our bodies carry out every day. I get frustrated at times that I am unable to walk without using a walker…at least I CAN walk. Some people do not even have that ability. This quote helps me to realize that our bodies are more than just what we look like on the outside. They do so much for us every single day-things that we dont even think about! We need to recognize our bodies for what they do rather than obsess over the outer appearance. We get one body in this lifetime-so why not take advantage of all of the wonderful things that it can do and tasks that it can perform?


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